Winter Wedding Favor ideas to impress your guests.

Showing gratitude has always been part of the Indian culture. Sometimes an overwhelming feeling of love and appreciation is impossible to put into words, you can always showcase it with a wedding favor. It is always a great idea to give something to the people who made efforts and time to be part of your celebration. After all, you would like the memories of your wedding to stay with your guests long after your special day. Here is the collection of favors that are not only out of the box but also cost-friendly. Impress your guest with these.


As the season for the winter weddings has just begun, so the focus is on the winter wedding favor ideas. We have always considered the new normal post covid while making the list.



1. Shawl/Scarf

A shawl/scarf is the best favor for winter weddings your guest can cuddle and keep themselves warm. It is useful in the long run even after the wedding is done and dusted. Get your logo engraved on it to make your guest remember you every time they use it.


2. badges

Badges works two ways, return gifts as well as to differentiate sides, depending on what you choose. Your Wedding hashtag will be the best memory everyone can have. This cute accessory has been the perfect wedding favor.



3. Customized Tea and Coffee Kits

Everybody loves hot drinks in winter, the perfect cup of tea and coffee is what everyone craves. Gifting the perfect kit is what your guest will adore. Who doesn’t love to get their taste buds refreshed? Choose the favorite flavors and package them well.



4. Handmade chocolates

Ditch the regular sweet box and select the homemade chocolates as a wedding favor, after all, food is by far the best things you can give at weddings.


5. candies and mints

Personalized sweet treats are a chic addition to wedding favors. Everyone loves a childhood throwback, and candies make everyone happy. We also love the idea of filling them with mint your guest will thank you for this later.


6. potted plants

Being eco-friendly is the most responsible thing one can ever do. Apart from showing gratitude towards your guests, also encourage them to their bit towards Mother Nature. They will surely nurture the gift with love and care.



7. scented sanitizers

Sanitizers have been part of the new normal; everyone would always love to have their own bottle when they go somewhere. Who doesn’t love extra care? The scented sanitizers will not only keep your guest safe but also fragmented. The sanitizers are totally in for wedding favors post covid. Get them customized by printing the name or any other details. 


8. immunity kit

This one is the newest addition to the list and the most essential thing post covid. The guest will appreciate you for this, get all the ingredients, and pack them in the box or basket



9. customized mugs

Customized mugs are an evergreen favor option. They are budget-friendly and offer the flexibility of customization.



10. scented candles

The scented candles are good to go favor idea, give out one big candle or miniatures. This luxurious favor is what everyone will love. Lighten up the day with candles.




11. customized water bottles

Amid covid people have started carrying their own bottles due to safety and precautions. One would always love to drink water from the customized bottles. Let’s give something lasting and useful.



12. Toiletries-Lotion and moisturizers

Keep your guest moisturize in this season of dryness with lotion and moisturizers. Go for tiny travel-size toiletries, mix and match a few to customize a slick package.



Show your gratitude with these wedding favors and makes your celebration more special.

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