30 Mehandi design ideas to bookmark for a bride to be.

In this era of high definition, every detail matters from tip toe. Even at weddings camera captures everything from makeup to hairstyle, jewellery to mehandi design.When it comes to bridal henna every bride has her own preferences. We spotted extraordinary mehandi designs for the new age bride to stand out. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and select yours.


1. Blend of traditional and modern elements

Bridegroom portraits with jali design and the bird silhouettes at the end are a blend of modern and traditional elements, a new-age bride will adore.


2. Wedding rituals as part of mehandi design

The one with varmala portrait in the half hand is the best design we spotted. We love this idea of infusing rituals and ceremonies of the celebration in mehandi.



3. Half hand mehandi design to make you say whoa!

Bridegroom portraits have been quite popular for Mehandi designs in recent times. But this one within between the merging hearts with the floral motifs and unique elements in half hand is soothing and charming.



4. A mesmerizing design to die for

A scintillating blend of mehandi motifs, Bharat ceremony, and the couple is just perfect.




5. The regal bride-groom portraits

We are swooning over these precise bride and groom portraits beautifully entwined with other motifs in this pretty design.



6.Quirky one for a quirky bride

This bride chooses the quirky personalization with rings and the proposal moment for her engagement Mehandi.



7. Beautifying experiment

An eccentric shaded couple portraits mixed with bride cages, letters, and a few traditional motifs, ace the trend.Bookmark this one if you are a bride who loves to experiment.



8. A personalized mehandi design with multiple elements.

The merger of elements makes your mehandi go Whoa and Wow. One with everything from personalized caricatures to birds is uber-cool inspiration.



9. An awesome design to fall in love with

We are besotted with how photography posture is infused gracefully as a part of Mehandi. This one makes us go aww over it.



10. Geometric designs are part of mehandi too

Adorning couple portrait in the perfect geometric designs and peacock being the center of attraction is such a beauty.We cannot resist making it part of the list.



11. Pawsome Mehandi

Now that’s the paw-some inspiration for mehandi design with your furry friend as a part of it.



12. Best combination of everything

The combination of every possible thing of the wedding celebration merged with henna motifs is eye-pleasing. From intricate designs with unique elements from couple portraits to jaimala and elephants, it has everything.


13. reflect your personality with this unique mehandi

The perfect blend of everything that describes your personality-pet, a religious symbol with the Taj Mahal that signifies as a symbol of love along with your names.  The design speaks more than you do with every detail involved.



14. Inspired by sister before mister

Flaunt your friendship with your BFF by making her part of your wedding Mehandi design. With these unique ideas, brides are raising the bar too high.


15. A refreshing design to get all the clicks

Refreshing jali design, floral patterns, and with adorning wedding whims whams makes this an amazing one.



16. Nothing but perfection to admire

This personalized design of the female portrait with Radhe Krishna and the jharokha is fresh and alluring. Replete with personal elements like kids and gods portraits, hashtags, and dates, this Mehandi is no less than a work of art.


17. fairytale inspired mehandi design

We fall for that precision in the complex design with girl portrait and intricate motifs.



18. Elements to jazz up a simple one

We are Doting over this artistic infusion of wedding date and Mrs as a part of henna. That’s something innovative. Agreed?


19. Pin worthy choice for nature lover

For those nature-loving brides, a design with leaves and flower motifs forming a lovely net pattern is just the right choice.


20. Lotus motifs inspired with personalization>

Lotus inspired design with jali patterns and suffused elements like wedding date and couple initials is attention worthy.



21. Perfect for animal lover

When you are an animal lover, let it reflect in your henna too. The panda and the samba peeking out of the design is just cute, birdcages and other elements merging as if they were meant one there.


22. Inspired by birds and traditional patterns

The deadly combination of the bird silhouette and jali designs with minimal touch is one to pin for the millennial bride.



23. Décor elements setting a trend for mehandi designs.

Why diya has to be part of the Décor and not Mehandi, well in this advancing world nothing is impossible. 100/100 for this one with decor elements as part of it.



24. Jali design is totally a trend

How about showing off the jali design with delicate and tiny henna motifs blended perfectly in the sync, on the back of your hand? Yay or nay?




25. Minimal yet elegant

Who said bridal Mehandi has to be filled with a lot of motifs? It can be minimal too. Take a cue from this one for a minimal and elegant Mehandi design to stand out.


26. Mandala inspired

What’s not to love in this one, the big circular mandala designs synced with jali design are just perfect. Beautiful vines of floral design woven across the hand are adorning the bridal beauty.



27. Paisley motif inspired

Mehandi is incomplete without the paisley pattern as part of it. Pin this traditional one full of floral, leaves, and paisley motifs. 



28. elegant jali design for backhand

A simple design that’s not too cluttered is perfect for the bride who wants to add some drama,but doesn’t want to go too overboard!



29. Traditional

The harmony and the beautiful motifs presented artistically is what makes this traditional henna design remarkable.



30. Detailed paisley with floral pattern

Dainty of flowers, geometric lines, and graceful peacock heads make this design one of the top mehandi designs for front hands.



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