5 tips to look dapper in sherwani

1. fitting of sherwani

Wear the sherwani of your shapes or make sure to alter according to your body. Do this at least a month before a wedding to make sure it fits you comfortably. If you are opting for a mandarin collar (Band-Gala), make sure it fits your neck and doesn’t clutch it too hard.

2. what to wear underneath

It is important to wear something underneath your sherwani, generally, it is worn over a kurta but if you are not comfortable wearing it over a kurta try a waist or t-shirts to avoid the rashes.

3. Bottom Wear

The bottom wear plays an important role too, you can choose dhoti for a traditional look, pajama or trouser for comfort or anything similar works fine too.

4. accessories

Over accessorizing could turn up as a disaster. Keep it appropriate by wearing accessories that are required like dupatta, turban, pocket square, etc. Pick jewellery as per the type or pattern you are wearing.

5. choosing right Foot wear

Keep your Shoe’s color simple and subtle, one that compliments your sherwani. Also, consider the fitting should be right, the embellishment and patterns on footwear should coordinate well with your outfit.

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