6 tips to choose perfect bridal footwear

It is an absolute no-brainer that footwear can either make or break the look. Every bride is different, some love to hop on the heels for the big day, while some keep it subtle with flats and others flaunt their sneakers. No matter what kind of bride you are, having the right footwear is a must. So, here we are with 6 tips to choose  perfect bridal footwear for your wedding.

After all, your footwear should possess all the qualities, unlike your groom.

1. should reflect your personality

The shoes speak a lot more than anything when it comes to personality. Make sure it reflects who you truly are along with keeping the consistency of the look. Since you might be buying the dress and footwear from different stores,(obviously) ensure you have the same style transformed into your footwear.

2.Comfortable to carry all day long

Decide whether you want to carry the everyday style or want to put your fashion foot forward by experimenting. If you are planning for different heights or types of footwear, choose one that sync with your regular style. Otherwise, you would either be stumbling or would be conscious about it.
Pro tip- Stick to what you are comfortable and confident with. You got to wear the shoe more than usual.

3. consider the venue

The venue plays a big role in selecting bridal footwear. It influences how much heel and type you should wear. Walking in a garden with pencil heels would be difficult than in an indoor venue. You might be in love with one of those shimmer pencil heels, but an outdoor venue might change your mind. For outdoors, it is safe to stick to wedges, flats, or medium heels.

4. buy early

 As soon as you decide on the outfits/outfit, the second thing you should be doing is selecting the footwear. Chances are you might miss on your favorite pair, or maybe you want a customized one, which won’t be possible to do in little to no time. It is also required during outfit alterations. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy.

5. re-usable or Exclusive one

First, decide upon what you want for your big day- Do you want the piece exclusively designed for you for a wedding? Or want something that you can re-wear even after the wedding? If you want to reuse your wedding footwear, select a simple yet stylish one that adorns your wedding look as well as blend in well when you wear it casually. Plus, Who doesn’t love to save some extra bucks?

6. rehearse(multiple times) before the wedding day

Have a rehearsal with them before the wedding, try, try and try them again! Not only wear them for your outfit trial, but wear them around the house (preferably on a clean, indoor, and carpeted surface in case you need to return) to test the comfort of the shoe. Sit, twirl, and also dance with it. After all, you have to carry them the whole day long.

Now that you have major points covered. Let the hunt for the perfect footwear begin.

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