A Dreamy engagement ceremony with the quirky couple entry to swoon over.

A couple got struck by love and found their beautiful journey in an arranged match. United by families and bounded by love, Dimple and Deepak couldn’t wait to start their new beginnings.


Meet Dimple & Deepak

Dimple and Deepak Ring Ceremony Celebration.-1

The bride was dressed in a gray outfit in the dash of gold with minimal jewelry and light makeup with Smokey eyes, while the groom was coordinating with her, in the band gala gray sherwani. The couple looked stunning in their outfits.


The highlight of the celebration was the couple’s entry who entered with all the young couples of the family leading their way, on their favorite song hand in hand just like a fairytale. The unique ring basket and the surprise dance performance from the cousins made this celebration special.


Dimple and Deepak Ring Ceremony Celebration.-10
Dimple and Deepak Ring Ceremony Celebration.-8
Dimple and Deepak Ring Ceremony Celebration.-3
Dimple and Deepak Ring Ceremony Celebration.-15

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