Must have footwear for groom

We all know the footwear either makes or breaks the look, in weddings, brides aren’t the only ones having fun with footwear. Grooms are now expressing their personalities and taste through their footwear. To help grooms adding spring to their steps with comfort, we have a checklist of Must-have footwear for groom. Scroll down to get them all for your wedding.

1. Jootis/Mojdis

Weddings being the series of small and big pooja a mojdi is a must-have for grooms. ( Apart from the one you paired with the wedding sherwani). It is the perfect footwear that enhances the groom’s look in ethnic attire with ease. So be prepared with whatever comes your way.

2. loafers

Shoes that walk the fine line between the formal and casual are perfect for any look from indo-western to party to casuals. They are a blend of comfort and style make sure to have at least a pair of loafers.

3. sneakers/sports shoes

You can choose either of them both are equally comfy and all-time favorites. When you are tired of wearing your party shoes, slip into them and party all night. A lot of grooms are now choosing comfort over everything, including the Public figure like Annand Ahuja, who flaunted sports shoes as a part of his reception look. Don’t forget to make them part of your Footwear collection.

4. party shoes

The shoes that are sleek and adds pure beauty to your gentleman look are party shoes. You can put up a formal look by picking one with laces. For an ultimate glamourous look pick one with patterns and buckles.

5. slippers/flip-flops

Ever wondered about the footwear you will wear at a pool party or Haldi ceremony? Definitely not the shoes, Flipflops come to the rescue when you are left with no option.

No matter how small or big your celebration, these are must-have footwear for grooms.

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