Pre-wedding shoot ideas for Monsoon.

Some people enjoy the pitter and patter sound of water during the rainy season with the perfect cup of coffee or tea, while others really hate them. Well, if you are the one who loves this romantic weather and wanted to make most of it with your partner? Then we got an amazing idea. Capture moments in a bunch of mushy photos with your partner. Nothing can be better than getting clicked with your forever person when it rains. We have rounded up few Pre-wedding shoot ideas for Monsoon.

1. posing with umbrellas

When we think of rain, umbrellas immediately pop up in our minds. Apart from saving us from getting wet, they can do wonders with photography too. Couldn’t believe us? Go through the photos below.

2. getting wet in drops of bliss

Imagine the peace you get while getting drenched, that earthy smell, and pleasant weather!! Umm feels amazing. Have that amazing feeling caught on camera with the love of your life.

3. Bollywood inspired

How can we not include this iconic rain shot from Aashiqui 2 when it comes to pre-wedding shoot in monsoon. Romancing with your partner in the cozy moment (under a jacket) will sizzle up your chemistry.

4. Romantic walk in perfect weather

Hand in hand, eyes in eyes, without doubt, rain is the perfect excuse to go on a long walk with your loved one. Seize the moment in a frame.

5. All green and glams to make your heart ponder faster

Once it rains all we see is lush greenery all around. Savor the moment by posing for the perfect pre-wedding click.

6. dancing in rain

Move on the sound of rain and beats of heart for the flawless and so-in love clicks.

If you find these pre-wedding ideas awesome, bookmark them for yours. We cannot wait to see you posing with them.

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(Image source-Pinterest, unless specified.)

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