12 Reasons to fall in love with an intimate wedding

We all have heard, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it. The same has happened with weddings due to restricted public gatherings. The Big fat Indian weddings, which used to be an ultra-glam affair, are now set to slim down in terms of the guest list considering, social distancing and government guidelines. Weddings have now been a compact and a close-knit celebration. The intimate wedding celebrations have been in the spotlight for quite a long time because of the trend set by celebrity couples like Anushka-Virat and Ranveer-Deepika with their small weddings. Let’s think the downsizing of guests as a blessing in the disguise and plan a fun-filled intimate wedding.


1. Perfect chance to spend time with your partner

Get to spend extra time with your partner

With a smaller wedding, you’ll have fewer guests to worry about and an opportunity to spend more time with your partner. You find plenty of special moments for the two of you to enjoy alone, plus the opportunity to do things your way. The happy newlyweds, happy guests, and an unforgettable wedding day.


2. You got to be yourself

You got to be yourself

By surrounding yourself with your loved ones who, know you the best, you will feel relaxed and be able to enjoy your special day. An intimate wedding offers you a celebration with close-knit friends and family where you don’t have to worry about putting on a show.


3. Easy to capture every moment

intimate wedding cover

Your photographer will love you for having an intimate wedding. He/she can focus on capturing those special moments of you both as a couple instead of large group photos. Love the moment and embrace the intimacy between friends and family while the camera clicks away.


4. Guest's satisfaction and comfort will be higher

Guest image

Fewer guest makes it easier to know everyone’s taste and making arrangements accordingly. Welcome your guests in an intimate environment, where they will also find mingling a pleasure in smaller crowds.


5.You can have DIY décor involved

DIY intimate wedding decor

Intimate weddings are ground to experiment with DIY décor. From bangles décor to dupattas, using the umbrellas as a prop to Genda floral décor, or a dream catcher backdrop, you can have it all fared.


6.Unique ideas are easy to adapt

Unique idea for intimate wedding

All pastel dress code for your wedding isn’t it fun? It is easier to bring everyone on board with the theme when the guest  list is small.


7.Creativity can be added to the menu

Food menu for intimate wedding

Excluding a five-course meal and opting for an offbeat option is one of the advantages of intimate weddings. Distinctive styles like heavy snacks and food stalls are totally in for an intimate wedding. Guests will not only love it ,but it also saves money.


8.Cost Saving

Intimate wedding is cost saving

Downsizing the guest list will help you save a considerable amount from your wedding budget. DIY decor, customized menu, and limited accommodation arrangements help you make big savings.


9.Splurge on the things that matter most

centre piece for intimate wedding

An intimate wedding not just means saving money, but it also means you can use your resources for quality over quantity. With that extra amount you have the option to splurge on the things that matter most, whether it be a stunning wedding outfit or a dreamy decor


10.Convert intimate wedding to destination wedding

summer wedding planning-2

Because with a smaller guest list and limited planning of resources, you can afford to splash on a destination wedding, treating your guest with something special.


11.Any location can be turned into a wedding venue

any location can be a venue

You can orient yourself to a unique or special location, such as a lake view hotel, forest theme resort, or even a backyard. Select a venue that reflects your personality and create a day that encompasses your personalities, make your guest say this is so they.


12.Attention can be to details

Attention can be given to details for intimate wedding

A part of planning a smaller wedding is giving attention to details. Setting each place with handwritten notes, creating an escort card display, a customized bouquet for each table setup, or using a cute chair bow are some unique ideas. Give your guests a memorable experience with a personalized touch.

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