Enhance your intimate celebration with these Wedding decor ideas for home.

Weddings are an intimate celebration at home and compact venues in the era of this new normal. For smaller venues, especially home, we have to be precise when it comes to decor. Dressing up the entire venue isn’t the right choice, instead opting for two-three elements works the best. They effectively fill the space and create a beautiful atmosphere of celebrations. Whim-whams like jars, urlis, lights, lanterns, etc are easy to take down and accommodate. We have gathered these elements for you to decorate your home for the wedding festivity.

(P.S- Some of them can be reused)



Flower Hangings

Flower hangings have always been a decorative element, be it a time of celebration or a wedding, they never fail to impress us with their charm and elegance. Roses, Marigold (Genda) and mogras are the best in a house setting. They are an everlasting trend, and we totally. Perfect for any celebration, from Mehandi to a wedding, you can play around with different types and colors.


Image: Elysian by Fuhaar


Image: Fireflies Decor 


Decor Elements for Wedding-1

Image: Pinterest


Image: Taarini Weddings


Image: K.V. Decor-Goa



Lanterns look lovely in every style and for any function day as well as night weddings. You can hang them on the ceiling, place them on the stairs or randomly on the entryways or use them as centerpieces. They’re great just by being there. They do dual service both as decoration and lighting items for a night party. So, why not opt them for your celebration.


Decor Elements for Wedding-6

Image: With love Noor


Image: K.V. Decor-Goa


Image: K.V. Decor-Goa


Decor Elements for Wedding-6.1

Image: Popular Decor



Urlis imparts the royal glow to the simple venue. They induce the feel of traditionally to the decor. Use them as a centrepiece in the entrance for a soothing and elegant welcome of the guest. Place them near the mandap to get the authentic feeling of indian wedding.Dont forget to add the pop of flowers.

Decor Elements for Wedding-4

Image: Popular decor


Decor Elements for Wedding-4.1

Image: Rani Pink


Image: K.V. Decor-Goa 


Image: Sri Balaji Flower decor-Chennai 



Tassels are trending in recent times we have all been seeing them all across. They are subtle, reusable, and easy to get along with for any celebration. They are easily available in all the colors to create a vibrant look. Hang them on the mandap for a dazzling look or Create a backdrop for Mehandi or Haldi. They are pretty and make everything happy.


Image: Fireflies


Decor Elements for Wedding-3

Image: Anyona Events


Image: Decor-A-Shaan


Decor Elements for Wedding-3.1

Image: Pinterest



Rangoli made with flowers has been an everlasting trend in wedding decor ideas for home for festivities; it is equally charming as floral hanging. Beautiful designs spread in the elaborated patterns will definitely grab all the attention. Mix it with any item, or spread it out into symmetrical designs,they reflect the unique beauty and richness to surroundings.



Decor Elements for Wedding-2

Image: Sandart Rangoli


Decor Elements for Wedding-2.1

Image: Ohana Fine Events and Decor.


Image: Aica Events


Glass Hangings and centrepiece

The glass accessories are awe-inspiring and versatile when it comes to intimate wedding decoration. They can be used in multiple spaces and are available in different shapes and sizes. For the rustic look hangs them on trees, or as bud vases in the entrance. Place them on a table with a floral arrangement for a cute centerpiece.



Decor Elements for Wedding-5
Decor Elements for Wedding-5.1

Image: Fireflies Decor


Image: Glory Box Production


Image: Pinterest



Sounds a little unusual, but small elements make a big difference when you are looking at minimalism. The bangles amp the entire venue ambience with its colours as a part of the decor. Hang a chandelier by putting them all together or randomly hang them through the backdrop for perfect Mehandi seating. After all, what is better than decorating a venue with a piece of jewellery that not only looks elegant but is easy to do?


Decor Elements for Wedding-8

Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest


Decor Elements for Wedding-8.2

Image: Pinterest




Yes, fairy lights with all the glitter and sparkle have been a prominent when you think to decorate your house for any festivity. From the passage to the backdrop, from staircases to the whole building, they integrate everywhere. Lights don’t disturb other elements and create enough statement for highlights.


Decor Elements for Wedding-7

Image: Wed Event Creater 


Image: Captured Photography


Image: fiori.co


Decor Elements for Wedding-7.1

Image: Marigold Weddings


Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are one of the prettiest décor elements and have made their way to wedding decors. Apart from lending a positive vibe, they are way too eye-pleasing and undoubtedly exudes a magical aura. It gives decor a Top notch.



Decor Elements for Wedding-9

Image: Fireflies Decor


Wedding Elements-9.1

Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest


The right kind of décor further accentuates the beauty of the venue and also make it photography worthy. Select one of your wedding from the list.

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