A ring ceremony with The Bride in a Dainty Pink Lehenga.

When Two people find compatibility with each other which then turns into a happy union is a wedding.  But you know what happens before that?

 An engagement!

Meet Tanvi and Vishal

tanvi and vishal ring ceremony

We get to celebrate the amazingly pleasing engagement of Tanvi and Vishal. The Couple’s engagement party was full of fun, love and laughter. They had their ring ceremony at a private venue with simple décor. It was stunning and a remarkable celebration.


Tanvi wore and pink lehenga, set in the hues of rose pink, red, and a pinch of green and gold. While Vishal donned a blue tuxedo with an off-white shirt and a black bow tie, which was a perfect choice for the ceremony. We love how this couple went out pretty and glam with simple test stylish outfits.

tanvi and vishal ring ceremony-1

From the couple


“Our perfect story was arranged by our parents. We were so hesitant to meet each other initially, but suddenly everything seemed to be just perfect. Turns out to be the best decision we ever made.”

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