Wedding venue options for Weddings post coronavirus.

Amid coronavirus, weddings are now either socially distanced or an intimate celebration, which adversely affects the selection of the wedding venue. The venue is the element that takes most of the wedding budget, so we have to choose wisely. Selecting the venue has now been a challenging task as it should be both adequate to apply safety measures and charming enough to maintain wedding aesthetics. So what to do?

 Don’t scratch your head and scroll up. 

We have gathered perfectly suitable choices of wedding venues post coronavirus outbreak. 


1. Backyard/courtyard of the house.

Wedding venue post coronavirus

The outdoor setup for weddings with the hues of nature is dreamy. The backyard serves as the best venue choice for both weddings during the day as well as night. In day wedding nature with a magical touch of the colors and the sunlight is a show stopper while for weddings at night lighting blended with natural beauty will enhance the look. One of the perks of an outdoor venue is that guests can easily spread out.

2. Terrace

Wedding venue 1

A sunset view venue is sheer to add wow factor to your celebrations. Opting for this one gives the full freedom to play with colors. No matter what you select, the beautiful skyline is there to add icing on the cake. The night view is as delightful as the day with the blend of correct lightings.

3. Living room of the house

Wedding venue

Hosting a wedding in your living room is fascinating. After all, what could be a more perfect, personal setting for a celebration of your love than the place you feel happiest and have memories to cherish? Nothing says love like a wedding at sweet home. If your guest list is limited up to 20-30 guests the space is adequate (capacity may vary as per the size of the room).

4. Farmhouse

Wedding venue 3
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We are fond of farmhouse weddings. Farmhouse weddings are no doubt the most trending one with an unforgettable experience in-between nature. Multiple options of indoor and outdoor venues along with accommodations and other facilities in one place is a real bliss. Farmhouse weddings add pure joy to wedding festivities.


5. Religious places


Weddings at religious places are quite common by being grounded with religious beliefs. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and limitations on public gatherings, more couples have started choosing religious places as their wedding venue. It has been a new addition to the primary list of wedding venues.


6. Community Hall

Wedding venue-community hall

Post this pandemic, the small and big community are being booked for weddings as well. Weddings being closed knit celebration and safety being a priority, couples are now opting for community hall as a venue. Being underrated, it proves to be the best choice as per the situation.


7. Small banquet halls/resturants

Wedding venue-small banquet hall

A banquet hall or small restaurant gives the provision of everything arranged under one roof -decor, food, and seating arrangement. With the indoor venue and limited guest, you can plan a wedding at your favorite restaurant considering the safety measures.


8. Garden

Wedding venue 4

The garden is a vibrant choice for an intimate wedding celebration. With shades of natural greenery, it adds life to the decor and makes it enchanting. Imagine a beautiful wedding with plants as aisles and light infusing elements for aesthetic ambiance.

9. Amphitheater

Wedding venue 5
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A wedding at an amphitheater might sound unusual, but it will serve as the best option due to its architectural structure. It is the best choice when it comes to social distancing and visibility. By far, the most convenient wedding venue post coronavirus.


Pro tip: Don’t forget to cover the  for outdoor venues for a day wedding. 

Every coin has two sides, along with many difficulties and adjustments made to the wedding celebrations; there is a brighter side to it. On the brighter side, the pandemic has brought us back to the basics, with smaller and traditional being a trend in wedding venues, unlike the olden days.

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