Create A Gorgeous Wedding Color Palette With Earthy Tones.

We are obsessed with earthy and neutral tones that are perfect for any season all year round. These days couples are moving away from traditional wedding color palettes and embracing the beauty of earthy tones. 

 If you’re looking to add a natural flair to your big day, scroll below to redefine your color palette with evergreen earthy tones.

1. tan and ivory

This combination will set an incredible wedding decor. Ivory is a neutral hue that can be used in any color palette. When paired with natural colors like tan it creates a beautiful color combination. 

2. Burgandy and olive green

This rich combination is ideal for a classy wedding. Burgundy goes well with everything, but we love it paired with olive greens. The deep red tones paired with the olive green are perfect and elegant! You can add in light grey or cream if you’re looking for more than two shades as part of the palette.

3. burnt orange and mustard yellow

Burnt orange has a hue of brownish-orange mix it with mustard yellow, which is another warm color that works beautifully. This combination is perfect for both outdoor as well as indoor celebrations.

4. rustic blue and blush

Soft pink is the perfect complement to any shade of brown, but we especially love it paired with rustic blue for an ultra-girly theme that’s still sophisticated enough for an evening wedding reception.

5. rich brown and olive green

Earthy tones such as caramel and chocolate brown will never go out of style. They are easy to match up with many colors. Olive green will add a pop to this rich brown shade creating a perfect rustic wedding soiree. Use a bit of red or white flowers to make this combination more elegant.

The combination of these hues creates an inviting and serene wedding atmosphere.

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