Unique Teepee décor ideas for your intimate wedding celebration.

There are plenty of elements to amp your wedding décor, but there is one certain element that adds romantic vibes and charisma. Weddings being a close-knit affair and home weddings being a trend, teepee decor  have gained more popularity. They fit in easily for outdoor as well as indoor venues. When done right they certainly don’t leave a single head unturned. Keep reading to find our handpicked teepee inspirations.

Along with styling teepees differently, you can style them as a unique element as well.

1. Rustic Décor

Teepees are always the perfect one for the rustic and barn décor, the images below are the proof. The cozy setup will definitely set your décor a notch higher. Whether you plan to have it in your garden or inside your home, they will create an impressive effect.

2. One with Twist of drapes

We have seen teepees being surrounded by pompous grass and rustic elements, but this with awe-inspiring drapes is perfect for a sunny day celebration. The pop of colors and foliage are adding more beauty to it. We could imagine a beautiful bride twirling to get clicked beside this.

3. adorned with fairy lights

Intimate wedding decor is incomplete without fairy lights, the cascade of lights adorned with flowers near the pool area is eye-pleasing. Fairy lights and this rustic element seem to be BFF.

4. pretty dinning area

Ever imagined having dinner under the beautiful teepee loaded with bulbs and lights? Well, that would be a magical experience. Give your guest a unique experience with the same. Loaded with lights, bulbs, florals, and props, they ooze nothing but elegance.

5. as backdrop

Teepees are not only used to decorate your picnic or dining space they are equally wonderful when used for a backdrop, keep them raw with flowers for a boho look or add the foliage or flora, this will surely create the right aesthetics and the charm for your wedding.

6. picnic style seating

Let they be Used for their original purpose that’s for an outdoor picnic. With Weddings being unconventional, adopt this cozy seating style to excite your guests.

7. Indoor Decor

Who says teepees are meant for outdoor setups? They are equally charming for indoors as well.

These were the tips to help you to ace intimate wedding décor.

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