Easy-breeze summer wedding hairstyles for brides

 Planning a summer wedding is a daunting task from managing venues to outfits and everything in between. The list is never-ending. Today we’ll give you one less thing to worry about: Bridal Hairstyle. How you are going to wear your hair is as important as an outfit. Summer Bridal Hairstyle should be soft, feminine, and easily manageable, so today is all about hairstyles. We picked trending styles to help you decide yours. Stick around even if you’re the beautiful lady, who is going to attend the summer wedding.


 Majorly opted Summer Wedding hairstyles are buns, pony, halfupdos, and braids with minimal accessories.


Messy Buns

A messy bun is a girl’s best friend why not take it as part of a wedding look. Messy buns are really popular with millennial brides. Yeah, they easy to make and super comfortable to carry. Add big gajra to complete your look.



Soft and loosen messy updo looks definitively romantic with this beautiful accessory.

Isn’t this gorgeous? You can carry it like a supermodel at your reception or sangeet. Easy to manage, and slay.



We bet you cannot get a better hairstyle than this for summers. And the best part? Imperfections are what make it, so you don’t need to stress about everything being perfectly in place.



Braided buns

Nothing looks better than a fishtail braided bun with gajra. We are just swooning over this one, the braids add beauty, and gajara adds a feminine look to the hairstyle.


A boho braided hairstyle with little clips is perfect for low-maintenance brides because it won’t require attention once it is done. Plus this will help you keep that extra sweat away.

buns with floras

A multi-color gajra to match the vibrancy of the outfit is a phenomenal choice.


Light shade floral gajra for the subtle look.


A classic Indian bridal hairstyle is here to stay for ages and we totally love the simplicity and elegance. Try out variations by experimenting with the size and flowers of the colors.



The big roses have been a popular hair accessory for brides with more availability of shades and size. Brides match it or contrast them with their outfits. Old is gold.


Pop of baby’s breath is making this bun a mesmerizing hairstyle. You can easily opt  this for any celebration.


We are stunned by how effortlessly a floral crown is paired with a smooth and side-swept bun. A rarely seen hairstyle, but can be the next best bridal hairstyle for summers.


Who said ponytails are boring they are certainly not? A ponytail with curls here is proof they can be interesting.


Modern brides will adore this cool, statement ponytail. Looks perfect with traditional as well as western outfits


A loose ponytail with flower breath is an option you can carry for your Mehandi or Pooja at home.


A perfect low-key sleeked ponytail hairstyle with the soft wave is definitely a summer wedding hairstyles goal.



Charm up your look with this half-braided ponytail and cutesy hair accessory.


Braided hairstyles


We spotted the deadliest combination of twisted braided hairstyle with baby breaths.


Perfectly woven soft braids with cascading of flowers  is alluring.


Loose ponytail with dainty of flower and accessory is one of the easy breezy hairstyle to pick.

Braided style embellished with OTT floral accessory is the look of the moment, and we totally agree



Sleek and OTT Hairstyles

Bride with middles partition in  gleaming ponytail and statement hairband is making a perfect summer look.


We love how this bride looked million dollars with the hair accessory, she kept her hair behind the ears to be carefree.


The butterfly accessory blending beautifully in hair is droolworthy. We are mesmerized by this one.



We’ve got some really pretty and perfect summer bridal hairtsyles to beat the heat.



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