Ultimate guide for summer wedding planning.

If you are all set to have a summer wedding and juggling between how, which and what, don’t worry you are not alone. Couples often get horrified with summer wedding planning because the season brings heat, humidity, and warm weather along with it. So, if you want to have a remarkable and stress-free wedding celebration, you are in the right place. Scroll down to unwind the ultimate guide  for summer wedding planning, along with pro tips. Make sure you note down.


1.Which Venue to choose for Summer weddings? Indoor or outdoor?

The answer to this depends on the individual’s choice and preferences, but tips will guide you to select the right one.


When we hear the word summer, the venue that comes to our mind is a centrally Air-conditioned ballroom with beautiful hanging chandeliers and decked up with beautiful floral arrangements. Of course, that’s an obvious choice, you have to make minimal efforts to beat the heat and a charming inbuilt interior is an added advantage.



But wait…! What if you wanted to have an outdoor summer wedding celebration? Sit back we are coming to it.



One can plan a summer wedding at outdoor locations like a garden, near a lake, or on the beach. All you need to do is to make the right arrangements. Nothing looks prettier than a seating area covered with plenty of umbrellas. How about the covered shade of bright colors blending beautifully with greenery and the sun? Sounds like a plan, isn’t it? You need to add on that extra arrangement for coolers and fans.



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2. How to choose elements for summer wedding decor and ambiance?

Unique and fun installations are the speciality of summer weddings. A tent for dinner or with amazing drapes seating serves as an escape from the scorching sun along with grabbing attention. Colorful photo booth installations with sun-kissed filter are definitely Instagram worthy. A quirky floral wall the seasonal flowers is what will keep your guest hooked. Choose seasonal flowers that don’t sag easily for an outdoor setup.


For indoor setup use the existing interior by adding pops of flowers to it, most of the banquet has beautiful interiors with large chandeliers and artistic walls. Use small and attention worthy elements like rustic centerpieces or colorful table runners. Discuss everything in advance with vendors.


3. What are trending Colors and decor themes for summer weddings?

A summer wedding is a playground to experiment with bright and refreshing hues for weddings because everything around is already blooming and pretty. Work with seasonal flowers in contrasting hues to enhance the theme. Bright colors like yellow, red, and pink work best for day celebrations, while the rustic theme with fairy lights for nighttime. Subtle and pastels tones like pink, ivory, and mauve are the perfect picks for indoors.



4. How to choose Outfits for summer weddings?

Now let’s talk about the most important part of weddings, that is outfits. We all know summer heats are prone to rashes and itching, so Choose comfortable and light outfits instead of heavy and uncomfortable. Also, be careful with timing, venue, and color of the outfit, to avoid those visible sweaty arms pits visible in photos. Brides, keep your make waterproof and minimal, for hairstyle go for a bun or ponytail to avoid that extra sweat.

5. How to choose the menu for summer weddings?

The light and unique menu will serve the best for summers. Discuss with your caterers about the options which are light, delightful, and perfect, for example, some kind of traditional rice or pasta. Keep your focus more on starters and dessert. Include veggies salad and seasonal fruits to refresh your menu.


6. What are some best summer wedding favors?

There are a lot of options to choose from for summer wedding favors. Customized fans or flip flops are the best ones to pick with your logo embossed on them. Help your guest battle the heat with a unique favor idea. ( More options coming soon, signup with a newsletter for updates.)



7. How to keep your guest hydrated?

Quench your guest’s thirst with fresh juices and mocktails, serve a lot of water throughout the ceremony.Ice-cream will be a savior.



Think out of the box and pull off an extraordinary summer wedding celebration.

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