Trending Colors for Summer Wedding

With the onset of summer weddings, a lot of trends are emerging and coming. But above everything, the selection of the right color palette is most important. It is the one thing that defines a theme for the celebration by tying everything together, from decor to outfit. When guests leave, a consistent color palette is one detail they won’t forget. So, We have gathered refreshing colors for summer weddings 2021.


Let these Haute hues inspire your wedding planning.


1. Dave Grey

We got an offbeat color to introduce as part of the summer wedding palette for 2021. Grey has been an underrated tone for ages, but not anymore. This cool and trendy one is easy to comprise as part of weddings. It complements the brighter tones of yellow and orange. For deadly combination pick ivory and muted hues.


2. Pale Yellow

Citrus-inspired colors like pink, yellow, and orange make quite a statement on the big day during summers. We are truly inspired by the pale yellow this time. This shade not only brightens up the basic setup but also adds hope and happiness to the celebrations. For a country-style theme add white and green with it. Pastels look subtle with this one.

3. Burnt Orange

For those who want to make the splash by adding bold colors to the wedding palette, select the tone-down shade of orange.Pay homepage to warmth and the glee with the touches of orange throughout. Be it a light shade like ivory and blush or deep shades like brown and sage, it can be styled gorgeously in every possible way. The ideal color for an outdoor summer wedding celebration.


4. Dusty blue

Blues have been a trend lately, but this time we got something new in our kitty, Presenting to you-dusty blue. With its chic yet magical vibes, it can make any wedding a season of a fairy tale from Disney. An awesome color to infuse as part of wedding decor, outfits and stationery. Pair it with white for the winning combination, make it an updated classic affair by combining it blush. Much like other blues, this one is sure to receive loads of love from the couples.


5. Ivory

The subtleness and calmness of ivory is sure to give the accent of royalty to the wedding. It blends in flawlessly everywhere, works with all types of styles. If you are a fan of the less, this is the perfect pick. Achieve a minimalist vibe by combining with copper and shades of red.


6. Lilac

A muted hue of violet symbolizing purity and love is going to be a trendsetter in 2021. Adds sophistication, especially in terms of decor and outfits. It looks amazing when paired with neutrals or with deep pink to make a statement. This color has been on the radar to be the next big color for summer wedding.

7. Sage

While looking for summer wedding hues, we found inspiration from greenery around. Sage is timeless beauty inspired by nature. Combine it with a dainty peach or orange for a tropical theme, or add the glamour by pairing it with gold, mix cream and crisp white for a lush look. It is hard not to include this as a part of our summer mood board.


8. blush pink

We are not strangers with this shade, aren’t we? This color is romantic and super versatile, so why not pull off a wedding with this one? It elevates elegance when combined with gold. It also looks beautiful with other pastel colors, or stick to the brighter shades like yellow and orange for that summer vibe. An eye-soothing color, perfect for outdoor and indoor setups.

9. Berry Pink

Plum jewel-inspired tones are timeless and perfect for all the seasons’ winter, summer, and spring. The berry pink is romantic and can be pulled off gracefully. Mix and match the pink, red and other pastels with this one for a swoon-worthy color palette. Just imagine a mind-blowing decoration decked up with this combination, Fascinating right?  It is impossible to have a bad day when you are surrounded by this color.


10. mint

A mixed color shade blue, green, and yellow serves as a refreshing choice for intimate wedding celebrations. This uber-cool mint color is vibrant, beautiful, and contrasting. The combination of gold with mint will be a trendy pick. Blending it with lilac can be an exquisite choice. The color is perfect for an antique-style celebration on a bright sunny day.


Embrace the colors for summer weddings from peppy to rustic and muted neutral. Happy wedding color palettes are our favorite get inspired by one for your wedding.



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