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A wedding invitation card that reflects your wedding aesthetic is as important as the right dress. It is the first glimpse of your wedding style for the guests. It invitation has taken a twist with modernization and customization from bespoke designs to recycled paper to unique shapes and colors, all have been part of it. We have got some unique ideas for you to grab.


1. Floral Inspired

The flower designs teamed with these solid colors is what makes these average invitations not so average. Sometimes underrated is adorable and perfect for your big day. We have seen the prints in different variations on the background to the border to an envelope, and more.



2. Different shapes

Nothing is better than a bunch of circular or geometric shaped invitations stating that it’s time to for the celebration. Geometric patterns with crisp lines and minimal designs are the latest vogue for wedding invitations.



3. Dark Hues

Dark and moody color palette is a super choice to create a dramatic invitation. Try out shades of maroon,navy, dark purple etc. We are sure  you won’t regret.

4. Caricature inspired

Caricature portraits are trending in weddings we have seen them everywhere, on wedding invitations, stage, welcome boards, etc. The whole idea here revolves around the couple, fun and witty portraits of the couple instantly grab the guest attention. Continue the theme as part of your wedding decor.



5. Minimalistic

Minimalism doesn’t mean simple and boring one it can be classy and eye-catchy with the choice of the right elements. Emphasize more on modern typography, and blend it with a light-colored background and intricate borders for a minimal look. Sometimes less is more.

6. Acrylic Invitations

The acrylic invitation has been trending with uniqueness and creativity being part of weddings. An elegant color palette with perfect typography and printing makes this one an easy choice.


7. Foliage Color palette

Foliage theme has been popular in recent times as part of the wedding color palette. It is a timeless beauty and goes miles when it comes to creativity.


8. single paper with ribbon

Keep things simple and stylish with single-page invitations, add a cute bow or ribbon to set aesthetics for the wedding. An evergreen choice of invitation for any celebration.

9. muted hues

We have seen muted and pastel being part of wedding decor, but never as a palette for wedding invitations. With the on set of the coming wedding season, let’s experiment with these. Pick a color reflecting your personality from dusty and muted tones for a refreshing touch.


10. Miniature wedding invitations

Miniature wedding invitations are cute and the perfect choice for intimate weddings. All you need is details of the ceremonies, proper alignment, and typography with the touch of personalization.

11. vellum paper

Translucent paper sheet wedding invitations with embossing foil print as a highlight is dreamy. It can easily blend with any theme from rustic to royal. Pleasingly minimal design with heavy typography and the uniqueness of foil prints set the standard that you are having a remarkable wedding celebration.



12. die cut

Simple or intricate, Die-cut wedding invitations are sure to wow your guest. Admire the beauty of detailed design with precision and pop of color or glitter to jazz up the look.


13. Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly and sustainable invitation is a great way to kick start your weddings by letting your guest know that you celebrate your D day with some love towards the planet as well



14. glitter & sparkle

The glitter can amp a basic wedding invitation design. Glitz and glam teamed with solid tones make it ethereal and stand out from the stack.


15. Calligraphic and hand written

The handwritten invitation is the perfect way to win your guest’s hearts and make them feel extra special. Add an artistic touch to your wedding invitation with calligraphy. This old school style has a separate fan base and can be a trendsetter in 2021.


With delicate and unique designs, wedding cards meet elegance. From cute little shapes to different elements, these ideas are sure to mesmerize your guests and block their dates for D-Day.

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