Small backdrop ideas for intimate wedding celebrations

In the year 2020 weddings took place in houses, religious places, and smaller venues, we saw the rise in the trend of wedding backdrops. Rather than creating the bigger and heavier stages, couples opted for the smaller and the elegant ones. Backdrops being the trend now, we thought of helping you with inspirations to round up your wedding day. Dig in the pool of photograph-worthy backdrop ideas for your celebration.

For indoor venues

1. Perfect blend of brights

The marigold flowers pasted in the background with this vivid pink and adorned by the border of greenery sets the inspiration for an intimate celebration.

2. game of contrast on point

Floral hangings with the dash of whim whams on the contrasting background is an exquisite piece. We are impressed to the maximum with this one.


3. say hello these beautiful parrots

If you’re the one looking for something experimental and unusual, then this is it. Marigold rings with parrots amps up the entire look add newness to the backdrop.

4. Charming in yellow

The yellow marigold floral hangings on the covered backdrop are creating the sheer brightening effect. The pinch of pink with other elements is complimenting the entire setup. Good to go for Haldi or Mehandi or any pooja at home.

5. Too much of foliage doesn't hurt after all

Foliage effects with the tweak of flowers and rustic elements make this one alluring. A great backdrop inspiration for the ring ceremony.


6. Subtle and alluring

Who said pastel beauties aren’t pretty? Swooning over these hues making an impact, a perfect color palette for weddings. 


7. Pink and white-A deadly combination

The White scenery with cascading pink is giving us the major inspiration for wedding backdrop. The combination is delicate and stylish.


8. Ravishing roses adorning the backdrop

The roses can transform the simplest room into a celebration worthy venue. Flower can amp anything if used correctly.


9. Round is the new right

A floral ring associated with magical lights make it a right pick for indoor venues There is something different about floral and fairy lights, which makes everything beautiful.

10. Frame the moment with the frame as backdrop

The  frame design adorned with small floral tassels and flower edging, is surely to be the part of the list.

For outdoor venues

1. Rustic with pop of foliage

The minimalistic foliage rustic backdrop with the pops of pastel flowers setting the right vibe for an outdoor garden set up in the bright sun.

2. Wonderful white

Who wonders white will be this awe-inspiring looking  backdrop with a pinch of greenery added to it.


3. Get flex and relax

A simple flex arranged with minimal frames, and glass beakers set the unique backdrop choice for an intimate celebration. At times, the results of the experimentation are fascinating.

4. the magic of colours and elements

The origami art hangings together with evenly suspended dream catchers make it a fanciful decor. The bano cut-out is actually the swagger. Pin this one for Mehandi Setup.


5. Be a minimalist

Quirky yet minimal wedding backdrop design to impress your guest, a perfect choice on a sunny day for a beach wedding.



6. underrated combination of green and marigold

One thing we love about this décor, it is so compact and enhancing the existing spot gracefully. The hangings with the blend of greenery are adding icing on the cake. The space is small but is setting the right vibe for wedding decor.

7. See through foliage magic

Who says foliage cannot be minimal and magical at the same? We didn’t believe it until we saw this. The mystical floral Niagara fall of greenery with the bloom of flowers and see-through effect.

8. pop of colours setting the aesthetics

If you are the flower person and love minimalism voila, bookmark this one. The color pops bring dynamism and give us an eccentric background inspiration.100/100  to with nilma who love to create magic with minimalism.

9. The sun and the yellow are the best fellows

Solid yellow shade with minimal flower and simple seating arrangement is nowhere less than enchanting. The vivid colour is charismatic as the day.

10. One with beauty of floral hangings

The random hanging against the edge of the open sky sets the flawless perfection with slightest efforts. The swing added to make this a perfect seating arrangement for Mehandi.

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