Wedding mandap for intimate wedding celebrations

Wedding Mandap has been the most important element for a wedding ceremony as per the rituals. Aside from being significant from a religious point, most of the photos will be clicked here. Choosing a mandap can be tedious for a close-knit celebration. It should be elegant and adds the right amount of wow factor. People often consider the right mandap least important and regret it later. You want this to happen to you? No right. Scroll down to discover pin-worthy wedding mandap from minimum to extravagant.


1. Simple one with drapes and Subtle floral designs

One you can always customize with fabric and flowers of your choice. The concept here is the simple structure covered with fabric and flowers.


2. Rustic to stand out

The design is simple, natural, and has an earthy feel. Contemporary rustic, however, are now trending where earthy and natural elements are combined with flower and minimal fabrics for a fresh and aesthetic look to stand out.

3. Lush foliage with pops of pastels

Green leaves, ferns, and pastel blooms set the perfect botanical theme looks. Get the refreshed look with foliage and add floral for those picture-perfect moments.

4. orange beauty with tassels hangings

 Vibrant orange with refreshing hangings, marigolds can do wonders to the décor if used correctly. They are synonymous with wedding festivals and holds traditional importance in Indian culture.


5. Floral beauty wedding mandap

Why use fabric when we can all the way long with flowers. The all-white mogra drapes are used with a mix of roses for a traditional wedding setup.


6. pretty pastels

The pastel decor has been trending in the Indian wedding. The hues lend beauty and flawless elegance to the décor.


7. open to sky

Perfect choice for places like balconies and terrace, let mandap spread the spell just under the gorgeous sky. Ideal for the fairytale wedding setup.


8. say hello to round beauties

The round mandap has been a recent addition to the list. The round one is as good as the square, just the shape that changes rest is same.


9. Quirky one with all the mix and match

How about mix and match trend, the one for those who love a bit of everything, flowers, fairy lights, drapes chandeliers and more. Take inspiration from these unique designs.


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