Tips to plan weddings post covid-19

The pandemic has disrupted the wedding industry like every other industry, which makes it difficult to plan weddings like before. Whether it is a wedding at home or any other venue, there are countless parts surrounding it. No matter if it is an intimate celebration or virtual one, it is likely to look different. But don’t worry whenever there is a problem, there is a solution to the problem. We will guide you with the following points to help you plan weddings post COVID-19.


How to follow and Implement Safety Measure?

Safety-Weddings post Covid

Let's adopt the new normal and stay safe.

We recommend taking the following safety measures before planning.


  1. Check with the local guidelines before planning: Rules and regulations vary state to state, so it is important to remain updated with the latest guidelines.
  2. Maintaining social distancing is a must.
  3. Wearing mask is compulsory.
  4. Temperature check to be done for everyone, including the bridegroom.
  5. Brief guests beforehand and ensure they abide by safety measures.
  6. Minimize crowding by staggering guest arrivals and departures.
  7. Hand-wash and Alcohol-based hand sanitizer to be arranged at the venue.
  8. Safety supplies to be made available at various locations at the venue.
  9. Guests with symptoms like cough, fever, and cold should not be part of the wedding.
  10. Guests from the containment zone should not be allowed to attend the wedding.

How to select a venue for weddings post covid?

Weddings post Covid

Venue selection-A place where you can create unforgettable memories, along with maintaining safety.

Weddings have now been compact due to the coronavirus outbreak. Couples are planning their wedding in neighborhoods, backyards, religious places, restaurants, and community halls. Consider the following details before finalizing your venue.

  1. Choose outdoor venues over indoor spaces.
  2. If you are selecting an indoor venue, ensure it is properly ventilated.
  3. Designated seating arrangement and marking the floor to ensure at least one meter distance is there.
  4. Sanitize the venue before and after the event.
  5. The venue should not be near to the containment zone.

How to send invitations amid covid ?

Digitalize this wedding season with E invitations.

Digitalization has been a new addition in every field. A customized invitation card with minimal details is an outstanding idea. A personal invitation gives the feel of empathy and love. Still, not convinced for E invitations read the below advantages. 

  1. No human contact required: An electronic device, a virtual medium, and internet connection are the only essentials.
  2. The Fastest mode to invite: Reach within minutes across the world.

  3. Customization is the king: Getting customized invitations for each guest makes it more appealing and make your guest feel special.
  4. Geographical barriers are no more a hurdle: Distance is no hurdle for E-invitation.
  5.  Eco-friendly and cost-saving: Saves printing costs and paper at the same time by being digital.

How to invite guests for Wedding Post Covid ?

Guest categorization post covid

Guest Categorization

  1. Physical attendees: The close family and friends, without whom your wedding is incomplete.
  2. Virtual attendees: Live streaming has become immersive, with weddings being compact due to limitations on public gatherings. Zoom has been a new life savior, invite everyone over a zoom call and create a new virtual wedding mania.
  3. Sequel reception: Do an intimate wedding and split up your reception into parts in two or three days (as per the total number of guests you have) at the same venue and with the same decor. 
  4. Separate guests list for different ceremonies: Making a Separate guest list will allow you to continue with your long guest list. Divide your guest list with the number of ceremonies you are planning to have. Make sure each guest attends at least one ceremony.

How to Work with Vendors ?

Vendors for Weddings post covid
  1. Vocal for Local-Go local: Choose the local vendors to decrease the risk of the spread and to save the cost of transportation. 
  2. Plan with available resources: Gone are the days when you can select exotic flowers and heavy setups for your wedding. The hardgoods and other materials used for large installations are also impacted by the virus. So, if you are working with vendors for designing, consider discussing backup plans and select a design that does not require the purchase of new products to get the desired look.
  3. Working with safety measures: It is a compulsion for every vendor to follow the safety measure as per the guidelines. Don’t forget to brief them about the number of members they are allowed to bring and the safety measures they need to follow.
  4. Hire a planner: Wedding planning in the era of COVID is a whole new ballgame. To make sure that you properly adhere to restrictions, especially in regards to social distancing, it’s a wise decision to hire a planner.
  5. Open for Negotiation and customization: With changing economies due to COVID, everyone is facing a crisis in some or the other way. Make certain you and your vendor both have a win-win situation.
  6. Flexible to adapt changes: Minimalist ideas are going to be a fresh trend for couples. All the agencies from decorators, to florists and others, need to adjust to these changing environments.

How to have pre-wedding celebrations?

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

  1. Haldi/small pooja: Don’t go overboard for this-Get a DIY décor, a photographer, your closed ones, and you are ready to roll.
  2.  Mehandi: Celebrate this at your home with all your friends and the bridesmaid. Don’t forget to have a dreamy photo-shoot.
  3. Sangeet: Sangeet is an official excuse to dance at the wedding, make sure everyone maintains social distancing or wear a mask while dancing. Else plan a virtual sangeet ceremony-connect via live streaming with everyone and let everyone dance their heart out. You can also combine it with any other pre-wedding celebration.
  4. Bharat Procession: Choose a short path near your wedding venue to avoid risk and disturbance. With closed one by your side, two dholis, or a limited number of musicians and a photographer to capture every moment, you are all set.

Considering all the precautions and making the right decision, one can still have an extraordinary wedding celebration like before.



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