In the year 2020 weddings took place in houses, religious places, and smaller venues, we saw the rise in the trend of wedding backdrops. Rather than creating the bigger and heavier stages, couples opted for the smaller and the elegant ones. Backdrops being the trend now, we thought of helping you with inspirations to round up your wedding day. Dig in the pool of photograph-worthy backdrop ideas for your celebration.

Wedding Mandap has been the most important element for a wedding ceremony as per the rituals. Aside from being significant from a religious point, most of the photos will be clicked here. Choosing a mandap can be tedious for a close-knit celebration. It should be elegant and adds the right amount of wow factor. People often consider the right mandap least important and regret it later. You want this to happen to you? No right. Scroll down to discover pin-worthy wedding mandap from minimum to extravagant.