How to plan virtual wedding like pro

A few years back, nobody knew that virtual weddings would be a new trend. Considering necessity is the mother of invention and adaptation, we found our ways to celebrate. Instead of bringing your guest to the wedding, let’s take the wedding to them. Just because we are socially distanced doesn’t mean we cannot socialize. We promise you this idea will definitely lift the spirits and will make your day more exciting.


What is virtual wedding?

We have been hearing this term since last year, A wedding where all or most of the attendees are connected digitally or virtually via any platform.

Why to have Virtual Wedding?

One of the advantages of having a virtual wedding is that it enables one to connect with loved ones, regardless of where they are geographically. Undoubtedly ,there are pros cons to have a virtual wedding, but let’s look at the brighter side, note down some tips to nail your virtual celebration.

1. Sending updated invitation

It is not easy inviting guests to join you virtually. Mentioning the link, time, and other details is not enough. You might have to include the instructions on how to join too. Keeping in constant communication with your guests is essential. Always send out your invitation with the latest information and details.


2. preparing schedule

Just like a real wedding, it is mandatory to create a schedule for your virtual celebration too. This will not only help to keep your guest updated about the activities, but will also help your team to run a smooth flow of your celebration.

3. dress code

Having a dress code involves the feeling of being connected despite being far. But, It is important to ask your guests to abide by a theme if you decide to have one for your virtual wedding. Also, make Make sure the actual attendees follow the same dress code in case of a hybrid wedding.

4. requesting everyone to dress up

No doubt most of the participants will be seen from the waist up, still request them to dress up just like a real wedding to make it look more realistic and enjoyable. Good photographs are always a bonus.

5. sending bag of snacks

Surprise your guest by sending them a box of snacks that they can munch on during the ceremony. There are a lot of options available to customize it, with small food elements like chips, popcorn, desserts, dry fruits chocolates, and more. It will be another interactive virtual experience that could delight your loved ones.


6. creating a backdrop

Don’t bother your guests to clean up their houses, instead send them a thematic backdrop celebrating your love or with your logo, initials, hashtags, and a lot to more experiment. Be creative with this one.

7. adding up some music

Good music is a must, whether you want to have an impact-full entry or want to use it as filler. Prepare a playlist of your favorite and some trending wedding songs of the season to play for your celebration.  Considering hiring a DJ to help you amp your celebration with music.


8. choosing right platform

There are two types of platforms to choose from for Digital weddings- live streaming and conferencing. If you wish to have an interactive virtual celebration, consider a live conferencing platform like zoom. While if you wish to just live stream your wedding, then a streaming platform like Facebook is a good fit.

9. setting up and choosing right equipments

 This is one of the most important aspects of a successful virtual wedding -Sound quality, along with great lighting and a stable internet connection, are essential to this type of event. Having a virtual wedding isn’t easy as it seems. Ensure all the requirements are perfect to avoid any disruption while you are exchanging your vows.

Pro-Tip Hire a professional to do the job.

10. run a test before

Technical errors are common and uncertain, same like real weddings, virtual weddings can face some issues like fluctuating Wi-Fi, improper camera angles, sound problem, and more. Run the test a day or two before your wedding to identify and resolve all the errors for a flawless and uninterrupted ceremony.

11. sending wedding itinerary

Why can’t you send an itinerary for virtual celebrations just like the real one? Of course, you can. This will help keep your guest updated about the ceremonies and rituals.

Pro-tip: Also mention when to turn on and turn off the mike.

12. virtual waiting lounge

Create a waiting lounge where guests can mingle with each other before your wedding starts. Also, tell your parents or siblings, or friends to join in early to welcome all the guests. This will give a buffer time for everyone to be comfortable and settle down.

13. decorating the venue

Decorate your venue with a few easy DIY décor ideas to create the right ambiance for your wedding and to get the perfect photos. Don’t do much with this, just have a hand on a few fresh flowers, and don’t forget to add some lights.

14. capturing every moment

Hiring a professional photographer is always a wise decision even for virtual weddings. We all want to keep the memories for a lifetime of the wedding day. You can always take help from a friend to do the task and can rent the camera, but hiring a professional is recommended.

15. Considering time zones

If you have guests joining from different countries, it is important to consider the time zone. While you are having a perfect sunset ceremony, but some might have to wake in the middle of the night to attend your celebration. Select a time that will best accommodate your guests in their respective time zones.

16. make it interactive and fun

A video message before your ceremony starts or some sort of activity to warm-up your guest will add more amusement. Having interactive games and sessions would be fun. Hire an emcee or appoint this task to any of your friends to entertain and engage with guests before and during the ceremony.

17. handout instructions and guide to guests

All your guests might not be pro with setting up or joining up for your wedding celebrations. It is always better to hand out instructions or have someone who helps your guest to join or to create an account or any more steps. This will ease the process for both you and your guest.

18. have a dream team

You cannot do it all, from managing equipment to preparing for your big day. Having a bunch of people from your family as well as a professional planner is important for Planning. Don’t do it all on your own.

19. be ready with plan B

We always hope that things go as planned, but the ball is not our court every time. There are chances of misshaping that can happen even at virtual weddings. Be prepared with plan B and tell your Dream Team to execute it whenever needed.

Follow the ideas and make your celebration more amazing and remarkable.

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