List of Groom accessories to be paired with sherwani on wedding day

 Hey grooms, In the wedding world where every detail matters, don’t forget about the elements that embellish your style. Accessorizing is the one way that would offer an extra touch of royalty and glamour. Picking up the perfect sherwani isn’t enough, you need to accessorize to get the limelight on you. We have curated the list of the must-have groom accessories to be paired with sherwani on the wedding day. Scroll below to know them all.

1. Safa/Pagdi(Turban)

A groom’s look is incomplete without a safa, it should be given utmost importance while choosing your accessories. If you think all safas basically look the same from a distance, think again! There are a lot of options available to choose from, a lahariya one, a regal one to carry the legacy, with amazing prints and patterns, in pastels, with doodles, quirky designs, and more.

2. Kalgi or Serpech(Brooch on Pagdi)

Kalgi or sarpech is a piece of jewel that is stuck on the turban or safa to enhance its beauty. Safa Adorned with kalgi or sarpanch raises the groom’s style quotient a notch higher. The job is not done until you choose a perfect one. Get all the eyes on you with this piece of jewel.

3. Stole duppta or shawl

A stole or a dupatta not just amplifies a groom’s outfit but completes his entire look. Whether you choose a printed one, monotone, floral prints, velvet, or one with sequence and beads, make sure it fits in subtly with the outfit. Pick one of those exquisite and uber-stylish designs that match the style of new-age grooms.

4. brooch

Piece of jewel that amps the simple outfit into the trendsetting one. A classy brooch will not stun your wedding sherwani but can  easily be paired with prewedding outfits. No matter it’s a tuxedo or Nehru jacket or a bandh gala suit, it will lift every outfit. Small or multichain, it won’t go unnoticed and would be visible in every photo as well.

5. pocket square

Pocket Square is a great way to bring the groom’s personality into the wedding look. It sets regal vibes when paired with the sherwani. Choose one to set your look on fire and to grab all the attention.

6. Necklace

Who said necklaces are for brides? Grooms are donning neckpieces like kings. And boy! They look stunning. Lots of grooms love to stick with basic single pearl chain necklaces, while others are experimenting with unique designs and patterns. From royal mix and match to pastels, from gems to emeralds. This piece of an accessory adds all the dazzling effects to the outfit.

7. watch

A gentleman’s watch is practical and an incredible addition to the groom’s look. If you’re not already wearing a watch, your wedding is the ideal time to invest in one. Don’t go for the leather or sporty one, rather choose a chain one or a smartwatch that subsequently pairs with your sherwani and other Indian outfits.

8. mojdi

Mojdi is one of the elements that Grooms cannot go without on the wedding day. After all, it will get noticed during a juta churai ceremony, you cannot comprise on that. Can you? Choose it in a similar fabric as sherwani, or coordinate it with your safa.

9. perfume

Grooms should not only look good but should smell good too. Don’t forget to invest in a nice and subtle fragrance that reflects your personality. As a groom, you need to spend long hours of the ceremony without touchups and break, a long-lasting perfume scent throughout the event is a must.

10. sunglasses

If you are hosting a day wedding, then sunglasses should be one of the go-to groom accessories. Don’t let the sun spoil your photographs and vision. Investing in pair of sunglasses is always a great choice. Right? Just make sure that sunglasses should complement your outfit and your face shape. Finding a classic and elegant pair of sunglasses isn’t that difficult nor expensive.

Flaunt off your fashionista side with these accessories.

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