Tips to plan Stunning Mehandi celebration at home

The trend of celebrating pre-wedding festivities at home is not new. We have been organizing at least one ceremony at home, be it a small pooja or haldi. But due to the risk of spread and frequent lockdowns, home weddings have been a little more popular. With emerging trends in weddings, we have been keeping you updated with the latest planning ideas, inspirations, and more. That’s what we aim to do. Making your wedding planning easy and flawless.

Well enough about us. We have already given plenty of ideas to set wedding aesthetics for Home weddings. But today we decided to help you with tips to plan a perfect Mehandi celebration at home. Are you ready? Scroll below to make a checklist.

1. have a backdrop

The one thing as a bride you should assure is having a perfect backdrop, whether it be a home celebration with closed ones, a virtual one with guests from afar, or with all your lovely ladies. A decorated backdrop will create a picturesque serene complementing your beautiful henna. No need to go overboard, a simple DIY style backdrop is enough. It is better to have minimal background rather than the same wall of the house while being photographed.

2. comfortable seating

Bridal mehndi takes hours to get finished due to intricate details and silhouettes. Seating for long hours can be tiring. To sit comfortably for long hours with ease, choose down-style seating or your favorite one like sofa, chair, favorite corner of the bed, etc.

3. perfect loaction or venue

Undoubtedly choosing the location can be difficult, with multiple factors like season, time, number of guests, etc. affecting it. But, you need to decide whether you want to have the ceremony in your living room or under the sky in your backyard.

4. lot of cushions

Seating in one position can be tiring the cushion will help you a bit. Plus, your mehndi artist will always ask for them. Thank us later for this

5. type of celebration

In the current scenario where we are still at the risk of spread. Choose the limited number of guests or go virtual if you don’t want to celebrate without your cousin overseas.

6. outfit

Experimenting is fine, but comfort first while choosing an outfit for Mehandi. Pick the one you be yourself and still looks good in photographs. Although it would be a home celebration having a perfect outfit is the need of the hour.

These were the tips that will help you plan a small yet memorable mehandi celebration at home. If you feel it like too much to pull off on your own, then you can get in touch with us.

Note: The services for home décor are currently available and limited to Ahmedabad only )

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