Unique Ideas For the Groom Squad Photo Shoot.

In the era where weddings have been more personal and intimate, implementing new ideas and trends has been easier than before. Apart from the couple themselves, family and friends try to make it memorable and special. Especially friends, the people who stick around no matter what. Considering your buddy who is tying the knot soon, we have brought in the list of some unique ideas for the groom squad photoshoot.

Take a cue and set some groom squad goals.

1. Posing As Meme

A meme-worthy photo is a must with your Groom buddy. Get all the squad and click all the funny poses possible. These Lively and enthusiastic photos are sure to add more charm to the wedding.

2. Carrying the Groom

Imagine Carrying your friend in your arms straight away to a mandap? Amazing right. Every groom will love it for sure. Also, you got to get some cool and quirky photographs.

3. All in between Sangeet Fun and Dancing

When we say carry a groom, how can we not include the one while dancing during a sangeet soiree. Capture the moment with a whole lot of fun and crazy moves.

4. Twinning Outfits

Twinning with the groom has now been a trend even for Indian weddings. From outfits to sneakers groom squad has been doing their duty right. The Photography list isn’t complete without twinning outfit photographs. Take inspiration from these photos and get your outfits ready today.

5. Party All night

How can we forget the party when we talk about our crazy groom squad. A party night shot is a must memory for every groom squad. Put on your party shoes and let the photographer do the rest.

6. one relaxing in a robe

This photo screams-Why Should Girls Have all the fun? Groom squad being pampered or pampering groom before entering into the new phase of life are the moments to cherish forever. Don’t forget to capture them while having some fun along the way.

7. One while munching

Food and weddings are inseparable, so why not make it part of the groom squad photography checklist? Take inspiration from this right away.

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