10 stunning décor ideas for outdoor wedding celebrations

Regards to the scenario post covid, it is important to consider everyone’s safety during the wedding. With an urge to maintain social distancing and risk of spread, couples and families are now choosing outdoor venues over indoor ones. Whether it is a beautiful garden, a beach, a lake view resort, or a backyard of the house, they have been prominent choices for the celebrations.

Along with the existing beauty of outdoor sky and greenery, one needs to have some elements to make the outdoor celebration a beautiful soiree. We are here with 10 Decor Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Celebrations.

1. entry gate or arch

An outdoor might not have traditional entry gate that match the wedding decor style. It is important to give a unique entry spot for the guests to create the first impression of your celebration. An arch or a gate with curtains, foliage, a pinch of florals, will create an inviting entry.

2. welcome board

Add oodles to outdoor decor with an exotic welcome board. Keep it simple, or add the lush greenery with a bunch of flowers. Choose a rustic theme or a floral one but make it drool-worthy. Besides welcoming guests, it should scream your wedding aesthetics.

3. covered area

If you are planning a wedding during the rain, late in winter, or during the daytime in summers, it is always wise to have a covered area(at least as a backup). Semi-covered tents and teepee tents fit in perfectly in creating an ambiance for an outdoor celebration. You can envision outdoor rustic weddings with translucent tents with hanging chandeliers and greenery.

4. Create focal point with backdrop or mandap

With blooms of nature all around, it is easier to get lost in the pool of beauty. To bring the spotlight back to you, create a focal point with a backdrop or mandap. A magical overgrown garden or big tree trunk will serve as the perfect backdrop if you want to keep it minimal. Creating a structured mandap or backdrop will add an extra dimension to your wedding decor.

5. Comfy and mix-match seating arrangements

If you are having an intimate celebration or even when you are not, a mix-match flexible seating is always a great pick. Nothing can be more satisfying than having a relaxed guest during the ceremony. Create a lounge area with different pieces of furniture or add a different seating style.

6. drapes

Don’t underestimate the power of drapes. They add a hint of glam to the entire decor. Keep it formal with white, or experiment with colors, drapes are the attention grabbers. For a rustic touch hung the strings of lights with it.

7. uber cool shades

Soft, powdery tones look exquisite with the richness of nature and lush greenery. Tones like pink, lilac, and mints add a heavenly accent to the wedding, while earthy tones set the perfect boho theme. Don’t forget the beauty of the neutral shades like white and ivory that blend in perfectly with your decor. If you want to get creative with colors, opt for an ombre effect.

8. hangings elements

There is no better excuse to use hanging elements than outdoor wedding decor, from chandeliers to lanterns, glass balls to paper balls, mason jars to quirky origami art installations, and everything in between. You can incorporate any of them, or all of them, straight up into the decor with minimal effort. These elements set the whimsical and blooming vibes for a celebration.

9. lightings

Some venues have too little lightings, which is inadequate for weddings. That doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole into the pocket. When it comes to lighting, you can create a sufficient display with little effort and cost. Illuminate the more prominent areas, like a stage, backdrop, and dining area. Use fairy lights with strings for the rest of the venue, it t is a great way to set the right mood and ambiance.

10. make the most of the outdoor beauty

Adorn the existing beauty with pops of pastels for grandeur to the surroundings. Embrace the outdoor beauty with a dash of oversized floral arrangements that will not only look gorgeous but will also let you have amazing photographs.

For those choosing to marry outside, a breathtaking location does make it easier, but the decor elements will certainly add the charm.

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