Exclusive summer wedding decor Ideas

The Summer Wedding Season has already started, we thought you might be looking for some decor ideas for your wedding as well. While keeping your guests cool is much needed, don’t forget about aesthetics and ambiance. We have gathered summer-inspired decor ideas, Scroll down to bookmark right away.



Umbrellas are easy to fit for summer wedding decor. With being available in different colors, shapes, size, and designs, it gives us a lot of variations to work with. Everything looks prettier with them-backdrop, passage, stage, and more. Phew, we can talk about it all day long.


1. hanging umbrellas

Hang them from the passage ceiling for a beautiful walk-through of guests. Pick the color scheme to bind the entire theme or play along with all colors for carnival vibes, the choice is yours.

P.S – They are parasols.


2. Umbrellas as part of passage decor

Striking Mehandi décor with rajwadi umbrellas on both sides of the aisle perfect for the traditional and whimsical theme.

3. Cascading of colorful umbrellas

Colorful umbrellas hanging upside down from the ceiling creates the wonderland of the rainbow, aren’t they pretty?

4. lights to amp up

Vivid umbrellas with bulbs, making up a magical décor for the carnival theme is a treat to the eyes.


5. Picturesque idea for dinner table

How about the dining arrangements covered with pretty and big umbrellas? Amazing right. Go unique or go home.


6. Two sparrows with one arrow

Give your guest a shady place to mingle by placing umbrellas at the lounge. 

bar and mocktail station

Apparently, the drink and the bar stations are the most loved spot for summer weddings, guest will be hooked around this area for refreshments most of the time. So why not make it extraordinary and instgarmmable? Come on, tell us we stole your thoughts, didn’t we? 



1. country theme bar

A rustic bar with fruit juice and jars turns out to be the star for wedding altar.


2. must have dual purpose summer wedding element

Drool over this multi-purpose drink station .Click while your drink. Don’t forget to add a quirky signboard or a hashtag for memory.


3. keeping the magic alive with grey

Black, white, and grey aren’t boring as we think, in fact, they amp up any décor if used correctly. The pop of gold cutouts compliments perfectly with muted tones. Seeing all the unique sets around, the only thing that comes to our mind is, how far can you for a wedding stand out?


4. floral stewed

The way scatters of flowers are infused with rustic and white tables is amazing. For more fun, keep the colorful jars and glasses.

5. don't climb it, pick one

Cocktail bar on ladders is undoubtedly a Pinterest-worthy, budget-friendly, and easy peasy idea for summer décor.



Photo booths are the fun elements for summer weddings. Whether it is a simplistic balled one, or an elaborately customized, a cutesy one at the corner, or a giant one, they literally add charm to the entire wedding décor. Don’t miss out on making this one part of the wedding.



1. Minimalist one to inspire

In the age of “less is in”, this design is the best! White wooden frame, calligraphic initials, with big floral vases, what is nothing to love about this photo booth.



2. following the trend with boho-theme

Rustic decorations have paved their way to wedding photo booths too! Backdrop with cutout and bulbs is the proof. An easy one to keep your guest hooked with minimum spending.



3. for perfect tropical vibes

Tropical theme is a big yes for summers ,nature inspires us in so many ways.We love how the white sofa and the matching cushions are fusing and make it the  subtle choice.

4. floral wall as photobooth

The floral walls are certainly Instagram-worthy; the neon board is adding more charm to this. Consider using seasonal flowers and your hashtag.!


5. mix of foliage with pastels and sunshine!

The foliage wall decked up with minimal flowers and words would be a great choice for a garden or barn theme.

6. unique ideas to opt.

Boho-rustic photo booth design done in earthy hues with a neon board is sure the one stating artistry and something out of the box.



Guest prefer to spend their time sipping their favorite cocktails and chatting with friends, give them an extravagant experience with a fancy lounge setup and up a notch your wedding celebration.



1. velvet touch for royalty

Lounges are all about fancy furniture and comfort. Speak to a modern style with these inspirations.


2. Quirky lounge with a twist

Revamp your lounge space by adding a floral arch with a chandelier to it. Everything in a single tone, from furniture to flowers is definitely a goal.


3. rustic theme inspired

Set up bohemian rustic theme lounge with rattan furniture, pompous and dried flowers. Having a variety of seating options will allow your guest to choose their preferred seating arrangement.



4. mesmerizing white

A monochrome inspiration perfect for beach or lake weddings in all whites. We are falling for those intricate frame designs.

5. Embrace the nature

Bright tone seating arrangement topped with antique chairs and a table is an exquisite lounge inspiration.


6. Too much beauty to adore

Make a remarkable lounge design by placing a dark hues sofa against a greenery backdrop with golden frames and lots of cushions. This one will do double duty as the photo booth and lounge. Pin this right away for your celebration.



We are done with our part by showering some amazing ideas for summer wedding décor, now it’s your turn to select yours.



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