Latest Wedding Decor Elements

Wedding planning isn’t easy as it seems to be, there are a lot of aspects and tasks on the checklist to finish. With changing trends and zest for minimalism being a vogue, wedding planning is about choosing the tiny details. We are here to discuss some latest trends of these small big elements to uplift your wedding decor.


A. frames

The frames have been a trend lately we are all aware of, get one that you like-vintage, modern, mirrored, in any color and size. Top it with flowers, greenery, or add  crystals to hang it like a chandelier. They look amazing,and  can be placed at both indoor and outdoor locations.


1. frames on wall for backdrops

2. hanging frames for photo booth

3. random arrangements as passage props

B. Welcome boards

Some unique boards to take inspiration from, we cannot get over it. These chic style boards are so in these days. Bonus-They can be personalized the way you want.


1. glassy one

2. With a quirky twist

3. framed welcome board

4. Table centre piece cum welcome board

5. boho theme inspired

C. neon signboards

A swanky neon sign crafted with sweet sentiments is stylish enough to stand on its own as over-the-top in wedding decor elements. It will spark joy every time you and your guest look at it.


1. Sign-says it all

2. Attention worthy

3. Crafted with love and minimalism

4. Adorning the existing decor

5. Enhance simple floral wall

6. shoutout! loud with this enchanting neon board idea

D. Mason jars and bottles

The teeny tiny jars and bottles are so charming will make your heart skip a beat, just by looking at them as part of the decor. These pocket-friendly wedding decor elements are sure to grab the attention, no matter where they are used.

1. Swaying bottles for fantastic look.

2. add twist to rustic barn decor

3. Simple way to stand out with bottles.

4. Must have centre piece for summer wedding

5. bright it up with colors

6. Special idea that will work

E. hanging decor

1. create magic with bulbs and greens

2. alluring beauty of white

3. Ravishing red for royal theme.

4. Paly of colors and elements on point

F. tires

The tire might be a scrap for somebody defiantly not for us. A prop that is recycled to create a dazzling decor.


1. random arrangements for easy going look

2. Combining it with other elements

3. Hanging Tyres for rainfall effect

4. let them glow in dark

5. use them as part of theme

6. Leave them unattended to get noticed

g. paper balls

1. Celestial beauty

2. use natural/existing elements

3. for fairytale dinning arrangement

4. in case you choose carnival theme

5. Haute pool party decor with paper balls

h. table runners

When you can’t think of anything else, all you have gotta do is put together the floral runners, they smell good and set up a charisma.


1. table runner with candles for romantic touch

2. make the most with flowers

3. outdoor inspired runner

I. centre pieces

The centerpiece is an element that will be most visible to the guest, plus they are easy to comprise as a part of wedding decor elements. Opt for mason jars for the whimsical theme, wooden boxes barn theme, floral arrangement for colors, or vase for decent reception decor. Let’s dive deeper with the ideas below.



1. yellow is a summer favorite

2. Evergreen idea for centre piece

3. Small cubes and floral arrangements are in sync

4. Calm colors for subtle effects.

5. Fusion inspired

6. Unusual idea that we adore

Mix and match or use them all at once, experiment and keep sharing the pictures. For more ideas and updates follow us on social media. Make sure you don’t miss any updates from wedkosh sing up for our newsletter.


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