E-invitation inspiration for weddings

With the wedding being unconventional, the ways we invite our guests are changed too. The couples have made a shift towards the E-invitation from the traditional style. There are exciting and out-of-the-box ideas you can opt for when it comes to E-Invitation for weddings. We have listed a few of the best (according to us) for you to get inspired.

1. influenced by culture

Culture plays an important role when it comes to weddings, from rituals to ceremonies it has importance. So why not flaunt it through the unique invitation.

2. Unfolding your story

Nothing works better than a love story as a part of a wedding invitation. It will not only add a personal touch, but will also grab guest’s attention immediately.

3. caricature theme

Caricature-inspired and comic couple portraits style invitations will never go out of fashion. It is an evergreen trend without which the list is incomplete.

4. monochrome

They are sleek and ace the minimalism for wedding invitations. Simple yet elegant one to keep your guest hooked.

5. video message

A video, message or  invitation is the best way to invite somebody with the involvement of emotions and feelings. No one will deny being part of your wedding after receiving this kind of invitation.

6. Seeking Inspiration from bollywood

Bollywood has been an inspiring part of weddings, from décor to performances, we are much inspired by it. Now it’s time to take inspiration even for the wedding invitations.

7. Flaunting your personality

A quirky one displaying your personality in the bespoke world would be creative and innovative choice.

8. Inspired by rituals and ceremonies

Indian weddings are series of small and big rituals, so why not have different invites for different ceremonies?. In case you are planning a different guest list (virtual or actual) this one will be the right fit.

9. quirky one

Why invitation has to conventional when weddings aren’t? Gone are the days when we used to send rational invitations, now distinctive and unique is totally in. Having a quirky message or wordings is enough to impress guests to the max.

10. using actual images

We all know how much the actual image plays a prominent role, do a mix and match of some graphics and actual images to add the flavor of liveliness and individuality.

We love getting lots of ideas and  inspirations from the readers, if you have any ideas that you would love to share.

Write to us on- ideas@wedkosh.com

We will feature the best one.

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