How to comprise Sanitizing booth at Weddings.

Coronavirus came as an uninvited guest in our lives, due to which safety has now been a priority. In weddings, where family and friends are coming together and crave for social interaction, it becomes a little complex to maintain safety measures. So, if you are looking for ways to incorporate safety measures at weddings, we have got your back.

In minimizing the risk of spread, sanitization, social distancing, and masks play an important role. Creating a sanitizing booth at weddings is one way to remind your guest to sanitize their hands while making memories.

Now the question is, How to comprise Wedding booth at Weddings making as an element? Lucky for you, we have covered all the details.

1. Sanitizing booth and Why it is required at Weddings?

A setup where all the safety accessories like masks, sanitizers, tissues, etc. (Items may vary as per the requirements) are arranged for the guests and family. Having a proper hygiene booth will not only keep a layer of safety, but also create an urge to keep up with creativity.


2. Placement of Sanitizing booth

Locations like an entry, near the food area, and restrooms are feasible choices at the venue. Keeping a booth at the entrance will work better as it will highlight the station and will also give a reminder to guests to sanitize before they enter.

3. Don't forget to highlight Sanitizing Booth.

Sanitizing booth should be considered as an element of the wedding theme. Instead of leaving it as it is, brace it with creativity by adding floral arrangements and small decorative elements.

4. Innovation with Sanitizing.

Small hand sanitizer bottles are quickly becoming one of the popular wedding favors in recent times. Having a complimentary drink is mainstream, but a complimentary sanitizer bottle is what creates a buzz. The personal bottles will help your guest sanitize throughout the event.

5. Breaking Mainstream with Sanitizing

Scented hand sanitizers are ruling as wedding favors. Guests will totally adore it, and it will also make them smile with its aroma every time they sanitize. After all, too much care hurts no one.


 Along with deciding upon sanitization booths, guests abiding by safety measures are equally important. To solve the problem, we found an innovative solution.


How about a well-worded signboard politely reminding guests to follow safety measures? Life-saving!

Let's pour some magic with Welcome Signboards.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to welcome signboard. Whether you are looking for a simple worded or funny, a lot can be done with creativity. Not only does it looks super cute, but also encourages your guest to stick to safety measures all day long.


1. Type of Sign board

One with a request, a witty one, a lovely one, or a customized one, you can go miles with creativity.


2. Location is as important as the board.

The boards should be maximally visible to guests to serve their purpose. The most prominent places like entry and near the guest seating works the best.


3. Infusing Board with Sanitizing booth.

The welcome board kept with the sanitizing booth will not only enhance the feel, but it will be killing two sparrows with one arrow.


4. Messages on Sanitizer bottles.

Try personalizing mini bottles with a cute message that will coordinate with the wedding style. Your loved ones will appreciate your concern for their safety, as well as the chic personal touch.


5. Innovation with Sign boards

A safety table is all you need to make your wedding comfortable and safe for your guests.Table with board and sanitizing gear has been a new vogue.


Adding such cute and required elements at your intimate celebrations are not only also necessary and but also imperative for safety.

Have you thought of planning one such corner for your wedding?


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