Mask is a Fashion Statement for Weddings.

Weddings with mask were unpredictable until coronavirus arrived. It is mandatory to wear the mask to decrease the risk of the spread. People are now looking for ways to include masks as part of their looks, it has changed the way people used to dress. Rather than a safety gear, it is more like a fashion statement. It has made its way in wedding fashion too. Couples are now looking for ways to make masks part of their weddings. Add these ideas to your wedding checklist.

Ways to make Mask as Part of your outfit.

1. customised mask

Imagine wearing a gorgeous wedding outfit and wearing a regular mask with it? Nah, sounds shallow.Opting for the same mask as your outfit fabric is the perfect way to create a symmetrical look for your wedding. If you are getting your wedding outfit stitched, don’t forget to buy that extra piece. 


How about adding a twist by engraving the bride and groom or Mr. and Mrs. on them? Amazing!


2. Designer mask

Designers are experimenting with fabrics and weave that blend in with the wedding trends, making them  more sustainable and functional. The idea is already bubbling and bouncing the minds of the couple all around the world. These masks are easily available on multiple online platforms. You can also find the perfect match from a local store or boutique.


3.coordinated masks

Now last but not least, note on the color. The color of the mask is as important as wearing it when you decide to coordinate it with your outfits. For the brighter shade of outfits, choose a subtle shade with the same color palette would be the right choice or vice versa. Pastels are coordinate best with muted hues. Mask can either make or break the look.


How to plan for masks for Guests

Rather than Bring Your Mask, it would be better to provide yours to make all guests look uniform, it will certainly do better in photos than a hotchpotch of colors and prints.


1.different shades Masks

Setting up the Masks in all the color shades to let your guests match mask with their outfits. They will feel special with this idea. After all, this season is all about the matchy-matchy trend.

2.mask with details

Personalized masks with wedding details printed on them will bring consistency and prominence to photographs. 

3.couple initials on masks

Engraving bride and groom’s initials on masks for guests will create a memory for them to treasure. Just ensure initials are discreetly placed at the bottom or to the side, with consistent font and style.

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