Summer Wedding favor ideas

Summer weddings are to have fun and enjoy with a warm atmosphere and vacation vibes. But, while planning for a wedding, you need to plan for the summer wedding favor too. Everyone makes efforts to be part of your wedding celebration, treating them with gifts would be a great idea.


1. hand fans

The traditional summer favor- Fan helps guests to keep up with hot weather when they are outdoors. Place them on a chair or in a decorative basket at entry guests are sure to use them. They are available in a wide range from chines to ogi.

2. Seasonal fruits

Fresh seasonal fruits are totally in as wedding favors, cover them in a beautiful basket or customized paper or jute bags for an awesome display.


3. flip-flops

Let your guest kick off their shoes and get into comfy flip-flop for your perfect beach celebration. The official footwear for summer weddings-*pun intended. These wedding favors are definitely something your guest will put on instantly.



4. honey

We often get confused while a planning favor that is sweet and healthy too. Here comes the rescue, after all, nothing can be sweeter than honey, and we all aware about its health benefits. Get the customized bottles with a message like- #meanttobe or something more relatable to your wedding.



5. hats

One can bear the heat up to a certain point, fun hats will keep your guest shaded during an outdoor celebration or while commuting. They look fun in photographs too. Styled them uniquely and let your guest pick one.


6. sunglasses

 Don’t let the sunrays blind your guest, make sure they put on sunglasses. Let you should be the only thing to blind them. Glasses with quirky message tags on it is the one to impress your guest with seasonal favors. Guests can use them for the entire summer.

7. case for sunglasses

If you don’t want to opt for the traditional summer favors, take inspiration from this refreshing idea. Giveaway cool sunglasses case as a wedding favor. It will be the best memory they will take back home. Pick up one from many readily available options and you are ready to go.

8. cupcake

Cupcakes are the most loved desserts, serving them as a wedding favor would be a great idea. Everyone will love getting a good sweet as a favor. Customize them in combination with your wedding color palette or embossed floral patterns and initials. Different frosting and pop of sprinkles will make it a treat to watch and eat.

9. Perfume

Refresh your guest’s sense with fragmented perfume bottles in seasonal fragrances like lavender, fruity, or a traditional one like jasmine. Put up the labels on them for customization.

10. jam

Ever thought or received a hand-made jam as a wedding favor. Yes, or no. Sure to try this one for yours. Let your guest remember you every morning. Select mixed fruit, pineapple, strawberry, mango, or maybe all with personalized stickers.


11. sunscreen

Don’t let your guest tan in the scorching heat. Help them with customized sunscreen cream tubes to get protection from the UV rays. You can combine it with perfume and soap for a perfect summer kit.


12. Cookies

Everyone is a fan of baked cookies, so why not give this treat with a twist of customization as a favor? Add the name of all your guests on each cookie for a more personal touch, bridegroom silhouettes will also serve as a great choice.

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to presenting return favors. 

List doesn’t end here; the corona is still there. Keeping in mind precautions and safety, we have added a few more things.

P.S-We have already listed them in wedding favors for the year 2020. 



immunity kit

This one is the newest addition to the list and the most essential thing post covid.Guests will appreciate you for this, get all the ingredients, and pack them in the box or basket.



scented sanitizers

Sanitizers have been part of new normal; everyone would always love to have their own bottle when they go somewhere. Who doesn’t love extra care? Scented sanitizers will not only keep your guest safe, but also fragmented. They are totally in for wedding favors post covid. Get them customized by printing name or any other details.




Rather than Bring Your Mask, it would be better to provide yours to make all guests look uniform, it will certainly do better in photos than a hotchpotch of colors and prints.They have been a new fashion statement for weddings.


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