Virtual wedding invitation Wordings

Since the arrival of covid in our life, we added a lot of new words to our dictionary- quarantine to lockdown to isolation, and much more. The same is for weddings one never thought that a virtual wedding would be a new part of the wedding celebration. Like traditional Weddings, inviting for a virtual wedding is equally important. So if you are looking for the perfect virtual wedding invitation wordings, then we have rounded up a few for you to pick.

1.  “Love isn’t canceled, neither our wedding. We are going Virtual. “

2.   “We want to celebrate big day with you even from afar. You are invited to our virtual wedding.”

      3.  “No mask allowed only your smiles. We are going virtual to make you smile , as we say I Do.”

      4.  “We are getting hitched and you are invited to Stay at Home Wedding of (couple)”

        “We are getting hitched and you are invited to our Stay at Home Wedding.”

  5.  “Please join us, as we celebrate our love on screen. Can’t wait to see you.”

 6.  “Love is infectious so is a virus, spread the love and not virus by being part of our virtual wedding.”

 7.   "Keep your screens ready to shower the blessings on us. Because we are going Virtual."

  8.  “We are saying I do from screens apart. Tune in virtually for our D day.”

 9.  “Requesting your digital blessings on the wedding celebration of (name of couple).”

 10.  “Together with our love, family, and technology, we are all set for our virtual wedding celebration.”

 11.  “Nothing Fancy but filled with love. Our wedding day is finally here. You are virtually invited to our Stay at Home Wedding.”

  12.  “Going Virtual!!! We can’t wait to see your smiling faces in the live stream!”

 13. “Considering the safety and health of everyone, we have decided to have a virtual celebration. You are invited.”

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