How to plan socially distanced wedding

More people have been vaccinated by now, which opens new doors for a wedding celebration, but safety is still important. Wearing masks, sanitization, and social distancing every norm is to be followed as per the guidelines. Keeping six feet distance should be the top priority to ensure weddings become a lot safer. A seating chart is a key to that to have a socially distanced wedding celebration.

Not sure how socially distanced seating will look like? Don’t worry, We are here to help you with ideas to plan yours.

1. Plan Separate seating arrangement for your closed family members

Swift seating arrangement with sofas and chairs for Mom, dad, and siblings. Place it away from all other guests and close to where all rituals are going on.

2. Place households together

One way to make it less odd had the idea of seating the household together with no more than six people to enjoy the ceremony comfortably.

3. Freeform seating with diff furniture

We totally adore this one, having a different style of furniture-sofas of diff sizes and shapes, chairs, beanbags, tables, coffee tables. Alternately place them to make your guest feel connected but are still distanced. It makes a great photo and has fun vibes.

4. Round Table seating/traditional way but with 6 feet apart

Opt for restaurant-style seating, but don’t limit this to fine dining. Add a twist by using it for the traditional seating arrangement option as well. Mix and match the combination of round, rectangle, and square tables.

5. Amphitheatre-style seating

This one is quite unusual, still the best one for intimate socially distanced wedding seating. It will not only ensure to maintain a proper distance but will also certain the visibility of festivities. Be creative with this one by adding the pop of colors and down seating.

8. Long tables with socially distanced placed chairs

Give your guest a little more room by choosing a large table with distanced seating arrangements. Arrange them properly don’t overcrowd them.

7. Dedicated bubble seating

You could easily adapt them by having separate teepee seating or a lavish lounge. Make space cozy and comfortable with the limited seating arrangement.

8. Mix and match

 If you have a bigger venue (in terms of area) or multiple venue options like your home and garden, blend all the options. Gathering is tend to be smaller with this one, but make sure to have adequate seating.

9. standing guest

This one is not an ideal option, but when you have limited space and the ceremony time is shorter, you can choose this. 

This was a guide to help you have a perfect seating chart for your intimate wedding.

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