Wedding trends that are here to stay post covid

Wedding trends keep on changing, but some stunner trends are going to stay here for longer post covid. Some are old while others are emerging, but we are sure that you will love them all. We are excited to unveil the list of the trends that are going to stay forever.


1. micro/intimate wedding celebration

Even after lifting the restrictions, the trend of Small or micro will continue to be a part of weddings for the coming months or maybe years. We have all seen a rise in the micro or small weddings in the couples with their urge to celebrate with close ones. So here we are to convince you and help you plan a perfect intimate wedding celebration.

2. celebrating at small & unconventional venues

Weddings are now more about celebrating love in closeknit setup, at the venues that are close to the heart- like home. Undoubtedly, celebrating pre-functions at home has been a trend since old times, but now it has been a rage. Choosing the unconventional venue has been now been a norm, so choose wisely and plan a remarkable celebration.

2) mehandi celebration at home

3) outdoor wedding decor

3. Small & DIY elements

DIY decor elements have been a popular trend, with Weddings being intimate and personalized. We bet this trend is going to be here in the coming years. These whimsical elements not only sets perfect wedding decor with ease but are also affordable and reusable. Plus they are the perfect fit if you are planning a virtual or a home wedding. To help you choose the best elements here is the entire list.

4. going virtual/digital

Technology has been evolving and been an inseparable part of every industry, and weddings are nowhere behind. From invitations to ceremonies it has been playing a great role. The technology is not only going to stay but would pop up as one of the most prominent parts of wedding planning. Read how technology makes wedding planning a bit easier post covid.

5. focal points or center of attraction

No matter what kind of celebrations you are planning small, virtual, or hybrid, having an impact-full focal point is a must to grab all the attention required. They are not only needed in regards to the ceremony but also to enhance the celebration. You don’t need to search left, right, and center for the ideas when you can bookmark them right here.

6. safety measures & precautions

Better safe than sorry. Everyone has been extra careful when it comes to planning for social gatherings post covid. There is a lot to be considered while taking safety measures at weddings. We curated everything you need to consider from sanitization booths to working with vendors.

4) how to practice social distancing at weddings

7. experimenting with unique colors and tones

We have seen quite a popularity in the unique and striking color shades that are transforming weddings like no other. From outfits to decor, we have spotted shades in every way. We are sure that all the couples in the coming years will give more such ideas to bookmark.

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