Why Couple should Consider Intimate Wedding celebration in this Covid.

With cases going down and the situation being a little better, couples are resuming with their wedding plans. Weddings are no longer the same, the pandemic has forced us to stretch our creativity and changed the way we use to plan weddings. Since 2020, couples, planners, and vendors are putting efforts into planning the best wedding possible, with restrictions and ongoing changes. Despite the changing rules and restrictions, one thing is going to be constant that is the trend of the micro or intimate wedding celebration.

While, We already gave some reasons to have an intimate wedding long back, but we are here again to help you. Scroll below to unwind some tips and reasons to have an intimate wedding celebration post covid effect.

1. Less likely to get affected by covid restrictions

When your closest family and friends are involved and comply with the latest Govt. guidelines, then you are less likely to get affected by the restrictions. We never know what comes as hurdles in the wedding planning process post covid. But Keeping the guest list(physical attendees) limited will ease the process.

Apart from being obliged to comply with Covid-19 restrictions, there are plenty of other good reasons to look for micro weddings.

2. creativity and innovation

Restrictions may have forced weddings to become more compact, but it has also given fuel to creativity. Couples are now making everything intentional and personal, focusing more on the ceremony and being with their loved ones. Spending more on the things that are close to their heart, whether it be the perfect décor or return gifts.

3. choosing a Venue becomes easy

With limited people and freedom of customization makes it smooth to choose any venue. Having a lush beautiful backyard? A beautiful terrace? Or Grandma’s house to get back on memory lane. Make the most of the venue available to you. You get the freedom to choose the most loved place as a venue. 

4. Less stressful and easier to manage

 Trust me Home weddings/intimate weddings are less stressful because we have to plan with limited things and with limited resources. Managing becomes easy in close-knit and calm surroundings compared to the chaotic one. But don’t be skeptical about having extra help. 

5. intimacy and warmth

The warmth and the love is all we need to have a perfect celebration in these difficult times. Rather than having lavish affairs having a close-knit celebration in n cozy setup with partner, family, and friends is all one want. An intimate wedding is a way to have that kind of celebration. 

5. supporting vendors

 One of the benefit is helping vendors in running their business. As much as you get upset about the cancellation of plans, the same happens with all the vendors too. Your intimate celebration might help someone to get their business running in these hard times. 

Even if you are planning an intimate wedding, you need to have certain points to consider

1. Social distancing and safety are still crucial

Small or limited guests for a wedding celebration doesn’t mean you should avoid safety. Mask, social distancing, and sanitizers are still mandatory. Also, choose the venue that can help you practice social distancing and easily accommodate all the guests invited. 

2. choose local vendors

Choose the local vendors for faster access, and in case of restrictions or lockdown it becomes easier to work .It will also save the cost of transportation. 

3. planning is still required

Home wedding or intimate wedding still needs planning on small or big things involved. Like guest accommodation, food, décor, outfits, and list continues on countless factors. So have the checklist ready to be on track. Have a remarkable celebration with the right planning. 

4. Don't DIY everything

No doubt intimate weddings are an excuse to DIY. It Gives excitement of doing everything on your own, but don’t get carried away by the thoughts and come back to reality. DIYing a few things are fine, but everything will drain your brain and the excitement will fade when things don’t turn out as you imagined. So take help from professionals or family. 

5. have a budget

We know intimate weddings are pocket-friendly but still have a number in your mind that you want to spend. This will help you to be clear on deciding how much to spend on what. Also, keep an emergency fund in case of any unavoidable last-minute expenses

6. virtual or Hybrid celebration

Those who cannot be part of the real celebration invite them to join virtually. An intimate wedding isn’t intimate when more guests are involved. Considering the safety and restrictions this a good-to-go option for making guests part of the wedding through screens.

7. have plan B

It is recommended to have a backup plan in case of an emergency of lockdown or any other restriction just to be on the safer side.

After going through the hard times with limited resources, let’s make weddings special by having intimate celebrations.

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