Exquisite Fine-dine decor ideas for weddings

After the coronavirus outbreak, modifications and alterations have been seen in everything and everywhere including Weddings. Being an intimate affair with closed ones as invitees, fine-dine decor has been a new vogue. After all, what is better than a dinner together with dear ones in an extraordinary setup. Jazz up your dining setup by adding these elements from lightings to flowers, to vases and candles, give your guest a VIP treatment.

The table decor reflects the couple’s personality and sets the aesthetics for the wedding. Seating on fully decorative area is satisfying than seating anywhere. Scroll down to bookmark fabulous table setups.


Rectangular Fine-Dine Decor Ideas for weddings


Make your guest look up to these hanging beauties with the combination of whimsical and minimal elements in the simplest and trendiest way.

The foliage with whisk flowers is such a mesmerizing beauty. And those chairs are worth giving the feeling of royalty.

The setting covered in a blend of foliage and flower with rustic elements is all we need for refreshing decor inspiration.

Ravishing red with beautiful Votives is a flawless arrangement for a reception dinner. Guests will go gaga over this.

2.Rustic Decor

Ditch the regular linens and chairs; go all the way to the top with the rustic look. Raw furniture with a cascade of bulbs is a boho theme-worthy dining arrangement. Intimate weddings are all bespoke and being innovative. This one is definitely a goal.

An outdoor earthy vibe is completing the rustic furniture with a white table runner and foliage. The raw elements and greenery setting the right vibe for a country theme.

Now that’s the blend to drool over a rustic theme, over-the-top floral arrangement, bulbs, and heavenly placement.

3. Fairy Lights

The tunnel drenched with fairy lights will enlighten the venue and uplift the guest’s mood. Perfect for the evening celebration at outdoor locations.

An entire gazebo in fascinating fairy lighting is amazing, the light illuminates the venue and sets a cozy atmosphere for an intimate celebration.


For long tables opt for the trend of flower runner in your favorite hue and type, don’t forget to keep your contrast game on point.

Magic of minimalism with a white runner is as subtle as the love with the pops of color in a floral arrangement is flawless.

Unique and designed linens timed up with vases and floral arrangement is a way to add beauty to the dinner area with minimalism.

5. Muted and Dark hues

A Dash of the darker shades adorned with vases and candles creates an enchanting vision.

Muted hues, clear chairs, subtle florals with candles, and vases are in sync to create an absolute portrait, that fits anywhere with ease.

Wonderland of white, everything in white from linen to candles to chairs with a flick of golden is embellishing, if you are looking for a sundowner or countryside reception setup, this is the one.

6. Bright Colors

Orange shade and the glass crockery with quirky chairs choice is a deft and easy pick for your wedding dining area to stand out.

This is such a blessing, too much pinky isn’t pinky or clunky it is just the right. You can never go overboard with these shades, and the chair design is what kept us hooked.

Red resembles royalty and tradition in Indian weddings. This arrangement will not only give the royal feeling but also help you maintain social distancing.

Two bright colors on the same side of the color wheel can make a good combination, this one in the rani pink and orange is proof.

7. Twisted Trail

The twisted table arrangements in perfect linen shade with florals and props is all you need.

Round Table fine-dine decor ideas for weddings

1. Stylish Runner

The emboss design fabric as linen on that round beauty is all the worth for a VIP guest treatment at an intimate wedding celebration. Long vases with bouquets are definitely the star.

2. Printed Fabric

How about some silk floral print complementing the theme? Amazing, be customized and creative, after all, it’s your day is should be perfect just like you

3. Glitter and Shimmer

All that glitter isn’t the gold, but definitely the pin-worthy décor inspiration. Team up that glitter with dark solid shade to stand out and be subtle at the same time.

4. Contrasting combination

Contrasting linen and minimal flowers is just our recommend idea for round table décor.

5. Simple

Simple satin linen with the cute baby bow in the same hue is just the right and pocket-friendly.

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