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The country known for big fat weddings has now been following the trend of micro weddings amid covid. Couples are now opting for virtual and hybrid celebrations, which makes it easier to involve the ones that are far. But do you often feel overwhelmed as a couple when it comes to sending invitations for virtual attendance? How about sending it with a wedding favor? Well, with a bit of planning you can send several components right at your guest’s door, whether they live around the corner or across the country. Not only will these creative surprises bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces, but it will also create a sense of community among your family members and friends. We have got tons of ideas in our kitty to help you.

1. customized t-shirts

While giving a dress code sometimes isn’t enough to maintain wedding aesthetics. Make your virtual guest part of the celebration by sending the customized T-shirts along with invitations. Print your wedding logo or customized one with the name of the guest. Both the ideas will WOW your guests.

2. water bottles

Water Bottles are not only good as the return gifts for weddings but are also very useful too. Most of us are constantly running around, trying to keep up with the hustle & bustle, So a sipper/bottle as a gift is the best way to stay hydrated and reminisce the big day’s memories as well!

3. handmade toilteries and cosmetics

Everybody loves a luxury treat of handmade products from soaps to moisturizers, scrubs to lip balms, and more. You can custom tailor the choice of products and goodies along with their design, wrapping, and more.


4. badges

To keep up all the enthusiasm of your guests, even during virtual weddings, send customized wedding badges. Let them pick the sides, and bitter-sweet rivalry of Bride and groom beings. They will even keep it as a memory for your wedding.

5. snacks

Food is by far the best thing you can give at your wedding – after all, we Indians like our delicacies and we love to flaunt about them. Make a mix of heavy snacks, sweet, a drink and you are ready to go. Your guest can munch on them during the ceremony. You can design the customized one and get it deliver right to the guest’s place.

6. scented candles

We all love to please our senses, a scented candle is the best way to get relaxed, your guest will love this one. They can use and reuse it for their celebrations as well. Whether you choose a neutral scent or one that suits the season, candles never fail as a favor.

7. safety kit

Sending the safety supplies is much needed in this time, prepare a kit with hand sanitizers, masks, immunity boosters and more.

8. decorative items

Let your guest decorate their surroundings during your wedding and even after that, sending home décor elements will serve as the best option. Your guest will definitely embrace one more addition to their home décor. You can choose clocks, vases, pots, painting, etc.

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